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Please visit the Agritourism blog for more information about agritourism in Louisiana.
Plan of Operation
Plan of Operation
An agritourism plan of operation is a planning document that assists agritourism professionals in complying with La R.S. 9:2795.5 to reduce agritourism liability.
BMP and Plan of Operation
Agritourism Best Management Practices and Plan of Operation
Best management practices are suggested practices that an agritourism professional can use to minimize risks in an agirtourism enterprise.These best management practices can be used in the plan of operation under “suggestions to minimize risks.”
The Agritourism Connection April 2012
A quarterly e-newsletter providing information how to start, grow or sustain your agritourism venture. Topics covered in this newsletter include: outdoor enterprise development business plan workshop announcement, how to use paddling trails for added farm income, organic gardening, choosing where to sell produce, MarketMaker, instructions on how to qualify for farmers market program in Louisiana and the 2011 Ag Summary.
Outdoor Enterprise Business Plan Development Workshop
Landowners who have considered an outdoor recreational enterprise as a business venture, those who would like to expland an existing operation or anyone interested in generating additional income from their property should attend this one day workshop. Land management specialists, enterprise operators, attorneys and bankers will present the facts and figures and lead "hands-on" sessions to help draft an outline of a business plan.
Louisiana Agritourism Connection April 2011
In this quarterly edition we will discuss the broad definition of agritourism, farm stays, flowers, signage, and farmers markets.
The Louisiana Agritourism Connection, April 2013
A quarterly e-newsletter providing information on how to start, grow or sustain your agritourism venture. Topics covered in this edition include: selling produce at pick-your-own operations, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operations and farmers markets. Also included is information on online marketing and financing.
The Louisiana Agritourism Connection January 2012
A quarterly e-newsletter providing information on how to start, grow or sustain your agritourism venture. Topics covered in this newsletter include: new agritourism survey, food trends for 2012, nature-based tourism, MarketMaker, local chefs linking to new markets online, new dairy blog, free classes teaching online marketing and using internet to get your business noticed.
Coastal Eco/Agritourism Workshop
This one-day workshop will provide landowners and current or prospective businesses with information on supplemental income opportunities from ecotourism/agritourism ventures. Targeted participants include coastal landowners; farmers; charter and guide fishermen and hunters; marina owners; and swamp tour operators.
The Louisiana Agritourism Connection January 2014
A quarterly e-newsletter providing information on how to start, grow or sustain your agritourism venture. Topics covered in this newsletter include announcement of a coastal eco/agritourism workshop, information on Ag Expo, a list of webinars available through eXtension, information on the Trees & Trails program and gardening resources and tips.
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Recreational Horseback Riding for Fun and Profit
The half-day workshop held in conjunction with the 2013 Ag Expo in West Monroe will provide current and prospective horse owners with information on supplemental income opportunities related to the equine industry. Equine professionals will discuss the following topics: revenue potential for equine businesses, general horse training, horse psychology, trail riding, selection and use of proper track, managing liability and use of social media to begin or enhance the growth of your business.
Outdoor Business Workshop for Landowners: 2013
This one-day workshop will provide landowners with information on supplemental income opportunities using natural resources on their land. Topics will include cost-share assistance programs; fee-based hunting and fishing; nature and riding trails; wildlife and birding; liability and legal considerations; and testimonials from landowners who are engaged in outdoor recreation. Participants can include landowners and others who would like to develop an outdoor business.
Agritourism--a New Agricultural Business Enterprise
Agritourism blends entertainment, education and tourism together to provide a fun, exciting and memorable getaway for school trips and family outings. This website provides educational resources to assist new and existing entrepreneurs in developing, expanding and improving their agritourism ventures.
Optimizing Social Media
Each type of social media has a different focus, from text updates to photos and videos. What you need to do is figure out which one or how many you want to use. This presentation will give you an overview of the various types of social media out there and what each one does, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, You Tube, Pinterest and Blogs.
Project Team
project team
News Coverage
News coverage of the Connect My Louisiana Initative
iNutrition My Plate
This workshop will provide information on the USDA's dietary guidelines using the new "My Plate" icon. We will be learning about the features available on their new website. My Plate is a new icon that is simpler to use than the traditional food guide pyramid. The website also allows you to personalize your food plan based on age, height, weight, and activity level. There is also a guide to help you determine which food group a particular food should go into and its calorie content.
Introduction to Twitter
Twitter is a simple micro blogging service built around the concept of instant messaging with short updates- less than 140 characters. You can post updates using the twitter website, software on a browser, mobile phone or through instant messages. This class will cover creating an account, setting up a profile, and creating and reading tweets.
Natural Resource Enterprises Workshop
Natural Resource Enterprises Workshop On Agritourism
Join us on Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2010, at Curry Farms, Inc. in Rayville for a one-day workshop from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Participants will learn agritourism basics from expert speakers and tour an agritourism operation. Registration costs $25 payable in advance or on site.
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