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Agritourism Best Management Practices and Plan of Operation
BMP and Plan of Operation

Best management practices are suggested practices that an agritourism professional can use to minimize risks in an agirtourism enterprise.These best management practices can be used in the plan of operation under “suggestions to minimize risks.”

Plan of Operation
Plan of Operation

An agritourism plan of operation is a planning document that assists agritourism professionals in complying with La R.S. 9:2795.5 to reduce agritourism liability.

Agritourism Blog
Please visit the Agritourism blog for more information about agritourism in Louisiana.

What is Broadband

High-speed (broadband) Internet connections are being made available to rural areas of Louisiana, and the LSU AgCenter is preparing people to take advantage of this resource through an educational program called Connect My Louisiana. “What is Broadband?” is the first class in the series and will cover various types of broadband, explain connection speeds, and where to find broadband in your area.

Louisiana Market Maker
Louisiana Market Maker course packet
Connect My Louisiana Teaching Team
List of the Connect My Louisiana teaching team
Self-Paced Learning of Market Maker
Self-Paced Learning
Louisiana Market Maker is an exciting Web-based marketing tool providing links between agricultural producers and potential buyers of food products. In addition to a searchable database of markets and growers, Louisiana MarketMaker also contains a wealth of demographic and business data to help agricultural producers identify potential markets for their products. This is a step by step presentation on how to get your business on the Louisiana Market Maker site.
Agritourism Workshop in Hammond
Agritourism Workshop Brochure
This one-day workshop will provide landowners, agritourism operators and tourism officials with information on how to start, grow and market a tourism venture on agricultural lands. Experts in the field will share their success stories. See brochure for registration information.
The Agritourism Connection, June 2014
A quarterly e-newsletter providing information on how to start, grow or sustain your agritourism venture. Topics covered in this newsletter include: Thornwell’s designation as the Yellow Rail Capital of the World, online registration for farmers markets, Louisiana Direct, international tourists, Annie’s Project, school field trips, pizza gardens and making the connection between classroom and farm.
Introduction to 3D Printing
A basic introductory session that provides an overview of 3D Printing technology. Includes a demonstration, examples and cost points. The session provides an introduction into making a prototype for a business, selling items online, 3D printing items for resale, hobbyists, businesses, etc…
The Agritourism Connection April 2014
Quarterly e-newsletter providing information on how to start, grow or sustain your agritourism venture. Topics covered in this newsletter include: recognition of Thornwell by Louisiana House of Representatives as the Yellow Rail Capital of the World and Home of the Yellow Rails and Rice Festival; registering farmers markets online, Louisiana Direct Seafood, international tourists, Women in Agriculture Farm Tour and Annie’s Project.
Agritourism -- a new agricultural business enterprise
Agriculture and tourism together present unique opportunities for farmers to diversify and expand their operations. This brochure describes the steps in developing an agritourism business venture. (PDF format only)
Coastal Eco/Agritourism Workshop
This one-day workshop will provide landowners and current or prospective businesses with information on supplemental income opportunities from ecotourism/agritourism ventures. Targeted participants include coastal landowners; farmers; charter and guide fishermen and hunters; marina owners; and swamp tour operators.
The Louisiana Agritourism Connection January 2014
A quarterly e-newsletter providing information on how to start, grow or sustain your agritourism venture. Topics covered in this newsletter include announcement of a coastal eco/agritourism workshop, information on Ag Expo, a list of webinars available through eXtension, information on the Trees & Trails program and gardening resources and tips.