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Soybean Variety Yields and Production Practices

2014 Recommendations. Each year the LSU AgCenter tests commercial soybean varieties that are entered in yield tests by private seed companies. This publication provides information about results of those tests at various locations across the state. For best results using this guide, refer to the tables for variety yield results and pick the location fitting your situation -- or if your farm does not fit any location, choose varieties that performed well at multiple locations. (PDF Format Only)

Louisiana Plant Pathology: Texas Phoenix Palm Decline
palm decline

Texas Phoenix palm decline is a fatal disease of palms. Also known as date palm lethal decline, the disease had only been found in Florida and Texas until recently. During December 2013, however, this disease was positively detected from Canary Island date palms in New Orleans. ({PDF format only)

A Guide to Controlling Insects in the School Garden
school gardens

One of the most challenging aspects of growing a garden in a school setting is pest management. Planting, watering and harvesting are enjoyable gardening activities. We hope this publication helps to make insect control fun – or, at the very least, a little less stressful! Use these recommendations for successful school garden. (PDF Format Only)

Cotton Harvest Aid Guidelines for Louisiana
publication 3194 image

2012 Recommendations. One of the last, but most important, steps in producing a cotton crop is harvest preparation. Successful preparation includes scheduling for defoliation and harvest operations, removing foliage and facilitating boll opening. Use these recommendations for a successful cotton harvest. (PDF Format Only)

Cool-season Pasture and Forage Varieties
red clover
2013-2014 Recommendations. One of the most important decisions a forage producer must make is which variety or varieties to plant. To help farmers make logical choices among crops and varieties, the LSU AgCenter conducts variety trials and makes recommendations each year. Suggested varieties, seeding rates, planting depths and seeding dates are included. (PDF Format Only)
Highlights of Agriculture
highlights of ag
2012 data on forestry, crops, animals, fisheries and other enterprises based in agriculture and natural resources add up to multibillion-dollar industries for the state of Louisiana. This handy pocket-sized publication provides details on Louisiana agriculture and natural resources, the number of farms and farmers and much more. (PDF format only)
Louisiana Summary: Agriculture and Natural Resources
Ag Summary
This book gives an accounting of the value of agriculture in Louisiana. It focuses on the animal, forestry, fisheries, plant and wildlife commodities that comprise our vital agricultural industry. This industry continues to contribute significantly to the state’s economy and has the potential for increased contributions through value-added processing.