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International Programs
Dorsaf Yahiaoui, a Borlaug Fellow, studied with

International scientists get training as Borlaug Fellows; Richardson helps Honduran ag school make U.S. connections

College of Ag
Photo of Mike Burnett

College mounts major recruitment effort; Burnett named new college administrator; Students take fashion designs to the runway

AgCenter News
Participants at the Food and Fitness Camp

Families learn to eat healthy, exercise at weekend nutrition camp; Youngster with Down syndrome finds pride showing livestock; Sugar mills improve efficiency with AgCenter technology; Two AgCenter rice scientists honored at national meeting

Citrus Canker and Its Impact on Louisiana’s Citrus Industry
Figure 1.

Citrus canker is a devastating disease that causes defoliation, premature fruit drop, blemished fruit and tree decline. Citrus canker has been positively identified in Plaquemines Parish, where the majority of commercial citrus industry is located, along with Jefferson, Orleans and St. Charles parishes.

Cercospora Leaf Blight Pathogen Resistant to Fungicides
Photo of Early symptoms of Cercospora leaf
Cercospora leaf blight is the predominant foliar soybean disease in Louisiana. Scientists have found resistance to certain fungicides used to treat it.
Shake Off Your Weight
Researchers from the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center conducted a study to show the effect of whey protein and resistant starch in combination in the form of shakes and smoothies on weight loss.
Influence of Supplemental Nitrogen Applications at Tassel Emergence on Corn Yield on a Mississippi River Alluvial Soil
table 1.
Nitrogen fertilization is a critical management practice required for producing maximum corn yield. Many factors, including soil type and crop management systems, determine optimum rates. Nitrogen is typically applied soon after the crop has emerged and an adequate stand has been established.
Temperament affects growth of replacement heifers
figure 1.
The effect of ill temperament on heifer growth and development would be important to assess as early in the animal’s life as possible for making decisions regarding female herd replacements.
Productivity, Labor and Economic Factors Affected by Cow-Calf Grazing Methods in Southern Louisiana
Figure 1.
Most beef operations in Louisiana are based on a cow-calf production system. Efficient use of available pasture is critical to the sustainability and economic viability of these operations.Stocking rate and method are managerial factors affecting frequency and height of defoliation of pasture forages.
Factors influencing adoption of VSH queens in the honey bee breeding industry
Varroa destructor, a mite that parasitizes honey bees, was accidentally introduced into the United States about 25 years ago. As it spread across the country, it killed honey bees, destroyed their colonies and created management challenges for beekeepers.
Federal program restores profitability – and dignity –to Louisiana shrimp industry
Mark Shirley, LSU AgCenter and Sea Grant fishery agent
Louisiana shrimpers have received more than $18 million in the past three years from the federal Trade Assistance Adjustment for Farmers program (TAA). To receive these funds, shrimpers were required to complete several hours of training conducted by the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant.
Louisiana Agriculture Magazine
Louisiana Agriculture Magazine
The winter 2014 issue of Louisiana Agriculture features articles on drone use in agriculture, new energycane crops, debunking crawfish myths, Cercospora leaf blight, efficient cattle production and more. 32 pages
Investigating the Potential for Drone Use in Agriculture
Photo of aerial drone
The aerial drone is a unique remote sensing platform that allows real-time collection of remote sensing data. LSU AgCenter researchers are exploring uses of these unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture. One of the first projects involves flying a drone equipped with a sensor device to measure the vegetative index of a crop.
Two New Louisiana Rice Varieties for 2014
The LSU AgCenter Rice Research Station has as one of its goals to continuously develop and release new varieties that will benefit the Louisiana rice industry. The program works with many different types of rice, including conventional and Clearfield long-grain, medium-grain and specialty types.
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