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Prevent Defects in Green Wood
Seasoning to Prevent Defects in Green Wood
This publication provides information on some of the problems and basic principles involved in seasoning lumber, wood disks and other small pieces of wood. It is intended to help individuals who would like to season small quantities of wood inexpensively and without sacrificing quality. Small mill owners may also find this information useful in the manufacture of dried wood products.
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An Aquaculture-Oriented Bibliography of the Red Drum, Sciaenops ocellatus
This publication was designed to serve as a guide to aquaculture-related red drum (redfish) literature. The intended audience includes red drum producers as well as potential producers, investors and lenders. (PDF Format Only)
boat trailer
Boat Trailer Maintenance
A trailer that breaks down on the road can ruin a good fishing trip. It is even worse if an accident results from the breakdown. To help prevent breakdowns, it is important to service your trailer regularly. Here are typical items to consider in establishing a maintenance program. (PDF Format Only)
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Food Plot Plantings for White-tailed Deer in Louisiana
Hunters and land managers are always seeking new and more innovative ways to improve the quality and attractiveness of their hunting areas. “What should I plant to attract and hold deer on my hunting area?" Find your answers in this publication. (PDF Format Only)
termites in trees
Termites in Trees
Information card on where to look for termites in trees.
termite inspection
Termite Inspection 101
Information card on places to look for Formosan subterranean termite Infestations
Termites and Rebuilding
Information card on tackling termite problems when beginning a renovation project
Native Tree Growing guide
Native Tree Growing Guide for Louisiana
This guide will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about tree planting in the area. It suggests native and well-adapted trees for our region and describes how to grow them successfully. The tree illustration fold-out can also be used as a poster (22" x 34").
Protecting Groundwater from Pesticide Contamination
Protecting Groundwater from Pesticide Contamination
Groundwater is the source of water for wells and springs. It fills spaces between particles of soil or cracks in bedrock. This publication includes information on factors affecting groundwater contamination and prevention methods. (PDF Format Only)
louisiana irrigation
Louisiana Irrigation: Alligator Washwater Management
Washwater is a necessary part of alligator production, but so is the management of the water. (PDF Format Only)
louisiana irrigation
Louisiana Irrigation: Reducing Crawfish Pumping Costs
This publication gives several tips on how to pump less water and to make sure your pumping plant is being used as efficiently as possible. (PDF Format Only)
Portriat of an Estuary
Portrait of an Estuary
This publication inventories the functions and values of the Barataria-Terrebonne Estuary System at the interface of the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico, and it chronicles the serious plight of landscape deterioration facing its inhabitants. (PDF format only)
Marketing and Selling Your Timber
Marketing and Selling Your Timber
This publication includes information and tips to maintain the market value of forest products as well as information to ensure maximum revenue generation and good land stewardship through careful marketing strategies. (PDF Format Only)
prescribed burning pinelands
Prescribed Burning in Louisiana Pinelands
All fires in a natural environment do some damage, and prescribed burns are no exception. It is a matter of accepting a risk of loss to obtain a desired gain. Properly planned and executed, prescribed burning can accomplish many objectives at reasonable cost and minimum risk. This publication explains how this can be done. (PDF Format Only)
use treated wood
Use Preservative-treated Wood When Rebuilding After a Hurricane
Your new home can be safeguarded by using preservative-treated wood and following an integrated pest management program at the time of construction. (PDF format only)
Hunting and Fishing Around Bears in Louisiana
Caution is the rule when dealing with black bears. Black bears, unlike brown, grizzly or polar bears, seldom attack people. Over the decades and with countless opportunities, only a few records exist of black bears attacking humans. (PDF format only)
Protecting Louisiana's Waters
Protecting Louisiana's Waters Using Best Management Practices
Best management practices (BMPs) are used by agricultural producers to control the generation and delivery of pollutants from agricultural activities to water resources of the state, thereby reducing the amount of agricultural pollutants entering surface and ground waters. This publication includes information on five main areas: nutrient management, pesticide management, soil and water management, pasture management and general farm BMPs. (PDF Format Only)
Beef Cattle Production Best Management Practices
Beef Cattle Production Best Management Practices
The best management practices that apply most directly to the beef industry are in this publication. A brief description, purpose and conditions to which the practice applies are given for each of the BMPs listed. (PDF Format Only)
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Management of Recreational and Farm Ponds in Louisiana
A farm pond or recreational pond can serve many purposes: a source of food, an aesthetic enhancement to property, a sportfishing opportunity, a swimming area, wildlife habitat, or a reservoir for livestock, irrigation and fire fighting needs. The intended purpose or purposes should be well thought out before construction and stocking. This publication reviews planning considerations and management recommendations relating to a number of potential uses for small ponds in Louisiana.
Trees for Louisiana Landscapes- A Handbook
This publication includes information on conserving existing trees, planting and transplanting, pruning, tree fertilization, street and parking area plantings, tree evaluation, tree lists and a quick tree selection guide. (PDF Format Only)
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