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forestry economics
Forestry in Louisiana - The Industry’s Contribution to the Louisiana Economy: An Input-Output Analysis 2011
Forest resources affect the economy at all levels, from wages and purchases in local economies to state-level payroll and income taxes. Therefore, there is widespread interest in effects of the forest products industry from local producers, landowners and multinational corporate entities and therefore political officials, as well. This study evaluates the importance of the forest products industry to the state’s economy. (PDF Format Only)
Trees for Louisiana Landscapes- A Handbook
This publication includes information on conserving existing trees, planting and transplanting, pruning, tree fertilization, street and parking area plantings, tree evaluation, tree lists and a quick tree selection guide. (PDF Format Only)
Protecting Louisiana's Waters
Protecting Louisiana's Waters Using Best Management Practices
Best management practices (BMPs) are used by agricultural producers to control the generation and delivery of pollutants from agricultural activities to water resources of the state, thereby reducing the amount of agricultural pollutants entering surface and ground waters. This publication includes information on five main areas: nutrient management, pesticide management, soil and water management, pasture management and general farm BMPs. (PDF Format Only)
Beehive and Honey Extractor Plans
Blueprints to help you build a beehive or honey extractor. (PDF format only)
 Enjoying Ornamental Ponds in Louisiana
Enjoying Ornamental Ponds in Louisiana
This publication outlines some of the options for design, operation and maintenance of ornamental ponds and discusses basic environmental requirements of fish and plants commonly grown in these ponds. 20 pages. Full color. (PDF Format Only)
crawfish manual
Crawfish Production Manual
Commercial sales of crawfish in Louisiana date back to the late 1800s, and today's crawfish industry includes millions of pounds harvested from farms and natural habitats in the state. This publication covers a wide range of topics on crawfish production, including crawfish biology, pond design, forage management, stocking, water quality, harvesting, marketing and much more.
swine bmp
Swine Production Best Management Practices
Best management practices (BMPs) are a set of practices used by farmers to reduce the amount of soil, nutrients, pesticides and microbial contaminants entering surface water and groundwater while maintaining or improving the productivity of agricultural land. This list of BMPs is a guide for selection and implementation of practices that will help swine farmers conserve soil and protect water and air resources by reducing pollutants. (PDF format only)
poultry bmp
Poultry Production Best Management Practices
BMPs for poultry farms are a specific set of practices used by farmers to reduce the amount of soil, nutrients, pesticides and microbial contaminants entering surface water and groundwater while maintaining or improving the productivity of agricultural land. This BMP manual is a guide for the selection, implementation and management of those practices that will help poultry farmers conserve soil and protect water and air resources. (PDF format only)
wood decay
Causes and Control of Wood Decay, Degradation and Stain
Wood is a renewable natural resource that, if properly treated, maintained and placed in service, will last indefinitely. It is critial for us to use our wood resources efficiently. Wood decay and most insect problems can be prevented for years by properly using and protecting wood. This publication is intended to increase your knowledge of the causes and control of wood decay, degradation and stain.
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Functions and Values of Wetlands in Louisiana
Louisiana accounts for 80 percent of the nation's coastal wetland loss. Simply put, a large proportion of Louisiana acreage is wetland. Much of the state's economy depends upon wetlands. Find information on causes of wetland loss, definitions of wetlands and wetland functions and values. (PDF format only)
rice bmp
Rice Production Best Management Practices
This guide describes the conservation measures or best management practices (BMPs) for rice production implemented primarily for the purpose of conserving and protecting soil and water resources by controlling the movement of potential agricultural pollutants into surface water and groundwater. (PDF Format Only)
Formosan Subterranean Temite Damage and Detection
Formosan Subterranean Termite Damage and Detection
Most people are aware of the damage fire and severe weather can do to their homes, but many overlook the threat of termites. Photos of termite damage and signs of termite infestation are included in this publication, which covers Formosan subterranean termites and other subterranean termites.
Greenhouse Tilapia Production in Louisiana
Greenhouse Tilapia Production in Louisiana
Information on recirculating production systems, fingerling sources, stocking and harvest management, regulatory considerations, economics and markets are included in this publication. (PDF Format Only)
Crops for Wildlife Plantings
Crops for Wildlife Plantings
The purpose of this publication is to document what is deemed as accepted and approved planting, management and harvest procedures for a variety of species planted in Louisiana for wildlife management purposes by LSU AgCenter personnel. In all cases, the greatest possible window of opportunity has been provided as to planting dates, planting practices and other management activities as they relate to overall management. (PDF Format Only)
Wood: Its Nature and Properties for Woodworking
Wood: Its Nature and Properties for Woodworking
For most cabinet makers and furniture makers, wood is the raw material of choice. Wood has thousands of uses. Although wood may appear to be a relatively simple substance, closer examination shows that wood is one of the most complicated and unusual natural materials. This publication includes helpful information for understanding wood and its complicated materials. (PDF format only)
honey plants
Louisiana Honey Plants
This publication contains a variety of information about 53 Louisiana plants that can serve as nectar sources for honeybees. Illustrated by color photos of each plant, the 32-page guide includes descriptions of the plants and the honey produced from each source. It also includes a handy chart showing the blooming season for each plant. Cost: $10 plus tax and shipping. You can order this book through our online store by using the Order Publication link below.
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An Aquaculture-Oriented Bibliography of the Red Drum, Sciaenops ocellatus
This publication was designed to serve as a guide to aquaculture-related red drum (redfish) literature. The intended audience includes red drum producers as well as potential producers, investors and lenders. (PDF Format Only)
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Management of Recreational and Farm Ponds in Louisiana
A farm pond or recreational pond can serve many purposes: a source of food, an aesthetic enhancement to property, a sportfishing opportunity, a swimming area, wildlife habitat, or a reservoir for livestock, irrigation and fire fighting needs. The intended purpose or purposes should be well thought out before construction and stocking. This publication reviews planning considerations and management recommendations relating to a number of potential uses for small ponds in Louisiana.
agronomic crops bmp
Agronomic Crops (Soybeans, Cotton, Wheat, Corn and Feed Grains) Best Management Practices
Agronomic crops are important commodities in Louisiana. The intent of this publication about best management practices is to provide the growers of soybeans, cotton, corn, grain sorghum and wheat with guidelines about practices they can implement to reduce the effects agricultural production may have on the environment. (PDF format only)
hire an arborist
Hire an Arborist for Residential Tree Care
Trees on home grounds or in parks are assets to everyone. Trees also are long-term investments for property owners. Like any investment, trees require effort to maintain their value. That means tree owners must make careful decisions about care and maintenance, which may require the occasional advice and service of a professional – an arborist. (PDF format only)
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