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Agriculture: Multibillion Dollar Industry for Louisiana
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Agriculture is a multibillion dollar industry for Louisiana -- creating jobs and generating income in rural and urban areas. This publication contains facts about Louisiana's agricultural commodities, agriculture's monetary value in 2010, what agriculture is and what agriculture means to you. (PDF Format Only)

Determining Cash Rental Rates for Agricultural Land
rental rates for ag land

This publication explains three potential methods to determine cash rental rates for landowners and tenants, as well as items to be included in a land rental agreement. (PDF format only)

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL): A Guide for Louisiana Cattle Producers

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) mandates that the majority of livestock commodities be identified by country of origin. This document provides producers with the information they need to be in compliance. (PDF Format Only)

Outlook for Louisiana Agriculture
ag outlook

With an ever-changing production and marketing environment, agricultural producers frequently face difficult decisions. This publication provides Louisiana’s producers with a view of the potential marketing and production environments they are likely to face, so they can use that information while making farm management and production plans. (PDF Format Only)

Louisiana Summary: Agriculture and Natural Resources
Ag Summary
This book gives an accounting of the value of agriculture in Louisiana. It focuses on the animal, forestry, fisheries, plant and wildlife commodities that comprise our vital agricultural industry. This industry continues to contribute significantly to the state’s economy and has the potential for increased contributions through value-added processing.
Economic Impact of Forestry and Forest Products in Louisiana
forest products economics
The forest products industry affects the Louisiana economy in a number of ways, ranging from jobs, wages and purchases in local economies to local, state and federal taxes. This series includes a state overview and a fact sheet for each congressional district. (PDF Format Only)
Economic Value of Prescribed Burning to the Louisiana Sugarcane Industry
prescribed burning
In Louisiana, prescribed burning is widely used in sugarcane production to reduce the amount of excess plant material associated with the harvest, transportation and processing of sugarcane into raw sugar and molasses. The annual economic value of prescribed burning to the Louisiana sugarcane industry is estimated to be approximately $120 million per year. (PDF Format Only)
Highlights of Agriculture
2014 data on forestry, crops, animals, fisheries and other enterprises based in agriculture and natural resources add up to multibillion-dollar industries for the state of Louisiana. This handy pocket-sized publication provides details on Louisiana agriculture and natural resources, the number of farms and farmers and much more. (PDF format only)
Factors Affecting the Beef Choice/Select Spread
beef choice-select spread
This publication covers calculation of the choice/select spread, as well as supply and demand factors that widen or narrow the choice/select spread. Additional discussion centers on how the choice/select spread reflects cattle quality and packer demand for certain USDA quality grades (PDF format only)
Economics of Baleage for Beef Cattle Operations
In recent years, there has been considerable interest from beef cattle producers in using baled silage or baleage as a way to reduce feeding expenses. This publication discusses the costs of incorporating baleage into an existing beef cattle operation. (PDF Format Only)
Agribusiness and Market Analyst Preferences for USDA Market Information
This brochure details the relative value agribusiness professionals and market analysts place on various USDA livestock and poultry reports that contain pricing and production data. (PDF Format Only)
Potential Tax Strategies for Depreciating Broiler Chicken Houses
depreciating broiler chicken houses
The brochure details the impacts of using alternative tax depreciation schedules to improve the cash flow for contract broiler producers. (PDF format only)
Agritourism Best Management Practices and Plan of Operation
agritourism bmp
This publication contains the definition for the plan of operation and suggests best management practices for agritourism professionals to use to minimize their risks in order to comply with La R.S. 9:2795.5, the limited liability agritourism law passed by the Louisiana Legislature in 2008. (PDF format only)
Agritourism -- a new agricultural business enterprise
Agriculture and tourism together present unique opportunities for farmers to diversify and expand their operations. This brochure describes the steps in developing an agritourism business venture. (PDF format only)