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home vegetable gardnes
Disease Management in Home Vegetable Gardens
This publication is intended to introduce home vegetable gardeners to the various methods used to manage the many diseases that affect these crops. (PDF Format Only)
downy mildew on cucurbits
Louisiana Plant Pathology: Downy Mildew on Cucurbits
Downy mildew is a potentially devastating disease of all cucurbits. Disease symptoms, development, control measures and color photographs of symptoms on pumpkin, cucumber and watermelon are included. (PDF format only)
common weeds
Common Weeds of Louisiana Lawns and Landscapes
Use this poster to help you identify common weeds infesting your lawn and landscape. (PDF Format Only)
impatiens downy mildew
Louisiana Plant Pathology: Impatiens Downy Mildew
Proper identification is the key to successful disease management. This fact sheet is intended to aid in the identifcation and managemnt of this disease. (PDF format only)
vegetable book
Louisiana Home Vegetable Gardening
Gardening is one of Louisiana’s most popular activities, and this publication is designed to provide Louisiana vegetable gardeners with a comprehensive guidebook to help them get the most from their gardens. The 120-page, spiral-bound, full-color guide provides a variety of photos and illustrations. Revised Oct. 2014. Cost: $20 plus tax and shipping. You can order this book through our online store by using the Order Publication link below.
Lichens pub cover
Louisiana Plant Pathology: Lichens
Lichens are fascinating creatures. They are composed of two different organisms – a fungal partner and a photosynthetic partner living in a symbiotic relationship. (PDF Format Only)
Mushrooms and Fairy Rings in Lawns
Fairy Rings and Mushrooms in Lawns
We often see lawns with mushrooms or doughnut rings of dying or dark green grass. These are referred to as "fairy rings." This publication includes information on how to control fairy rings in your lawn. (PDF Format Only)
Roses - Selection, Planting and Care
It would be hard to find a flower more universally loved than the rose. Over humanity’s long history with this plant, the rose has found its way into our gardens, cuisine, medicine, art and cultures. It is easier than ever to find undemanding, reliable roses that will enhance your landscape. This publication will help you decide what types of roses to grow, as well as explaining how to plant and take care of them. (PDF Format Only)
mini gardens
Mini Gardens and Containers for Vegetables
Mini gardening is an intensive type of agriculture using a small space or containers to produce vegetables and plants. The main benefits derived from mini gardens are that they take much less space and require much less work. This publication includes information on constructing and maintaining a mini garden. (PDF Fomat Only)
Selling Your Greenhouse Tomatoes
Selling Your Greenhouse Tomatoes
Greenhouse tomatoes are about a $2.2 million business in Louisiana, assuming growers can sell what they produce for a profit. Learn the secrets of turning a profit from your tomatoes. (PDF Format Only)
Trees for Louisiana Landscapes
This publication includes information on conserving existing trees, planting and transplanting, pruning, tree fertilization, street and parking area plantings, tree evaluation, tree lists and a quick tree selection guide. (PDF Format Only)
Vines for Louisiana Landscapes
Vines for Louisiana Landscapes is a new full-color, 16-page publication from the LSU AgCenter about how you can use vines in your landscapes. With 19 photographs, it covers everything from Confederate jasmine to Chinese wisteria and includes recommendations for selecting the right type of vine for your situation, as well as tips on planting and maintenance. Cost: $5 plus tax and shipping.
ground covers
Ground Covers for Louisiana Landscapes
This new full-color, 20-page publication includes 19 photographs of some of the favorite ground covers for our area. It covers such topics as choosing the right ground cover, preparing the planting area, planting recommendations, maintenance advice and more. Cost: $5 plus tax and shipping. You can order this book through the online store. Click on link below.
Bug Biz: Wireworms - Worldwide Destructive Pests
Wireworms are found throughout North America and most of the world. They are among the most difficult and destructive pests to control and the most widespread pests of corn, sod, small grains, sugarcane, potatoes, root crops and vegetables. Descriptions, life history, habits and control measures included. (PDF Format Only)
Rain Sensors
Rain sensors for a landscape irrigation system
Rainfall sensors are necessary for automatic in-ground irrigation systems to bypass irrigation events during rainfall to conserve water resources and maintain plant health. (pdf format only)
Growing Vegetables in the Hobby Greenhouse
Growing Vegetables in a Hobby Greenhouse
Many Louisiana homeowners have small greenhouses for growing potted plants and for starting annual flower and vegetable plants. You can also grow high-quality fresh vegetables in a home greenhouse during the cold months to add variety and interest to the family diet. Recommended varieties, temperature requirements, pest control and hobby greenhouse diagrams are included. (PDF Format Only)
Fire Ants
Bug Biz: Fire Ants
The red imported fire ant, a Louisiana resident since the early 1950s, can be a painful pest or a beneficial friend. Depending on your situation, you may want to manage these ants or simply let them go about their helpful way. Eradication vs. management of the fire ant is discussed in this fact sheet. (PDF Format Only)
tomato pith necrosis
Louisiana Plant Pathology: Tomato Pith Necrosis
Proper identification is the key to successful disease management. This article is intended to aid in the identification and management of tomato pith necrosis. (PDF Format Only)
home orchard
The Louisiana Home Orchard
Growing your own fruit can be profitable and satisfying, and many fruit trees can add beauty to your landscape. But you can't expect to grow quality fruit without caring for the plants. This publication explains how your success will depend largely on variety selection, soil management, pruning, fertilization, pest control and other cultural practices. (PDF Format Only)
Fire Ant Control
Broadcast Baits for Fire Ant Control
A Southern IPM Center publication. When choosing a broadcast bait to control imported fire ants, consumers and professional pesticide applicators face a confusing array of brand names and active ingredients with varying product performances. This guide addresses common concerns about broadcast baits to help consumers and professionals choose products that best fit their needs and situations. (PDF Format Only)
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