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rosette disease virus
Rose Rosette Disease
Rose rosette disease is caused by a virus. It is a devastating disease of roses – particularly since all cultivars are susceptible, including Knock Out roses and wild multiflora rose. Although rose rosette disease produces unique symptoms on roses, those symptoms can be easily confused with symptoms caused by other diseases, pests, stresses and other factors. (PDF format only)
Vegetable Gardening Tips
This series provides a variety of information for home vegetable gardeners. Topics include beans, cabbage, corn, cucumbers, eggplants, potatoes, squash, tomatoes, peppers, onions, shallots, garlic and many more of the favorites of home gardeners.
Growing Vegetable Pears
This publication has information on the varieties, pollination, soil preparation, planting and cultivation of vegetable pears. (PDF Format Only)
Trees for Louisiana Landscapes
This publication includes information on conserving existing trees, planting and transplanting, pruning, tree fertilization, street and parking area plantings, tree evaluation, tree lists and a quick tree selection guide. (PDF Format Only)
Bug Biz
Bug Biz: Blackberry (Raspberry) Crown Borer
Blackberries are a favorite springtime fruit in Louisiana. The blackberry (raspberry) crown borer is a serious pest of blackberry plantings and causes loss of plant vigor, loss of yield and plant destruction. Damage, life cycle, monitoring and control recommendations included. (PDF Format Only)
Tropical Hibiscus
Tropical Hibiscus
Summers in Louisiana are warm and humid, perfect conditions for growing tropical hibiscus. Information on soil and bed preparation, fertilization, culture and insect control included.
Compact Tractor Implements
Implements for Compact Tractors: Selection, Use, Maintenance and Safety
Compact utility tractors are popular with farmers, landscape contractors and rural landowners. In fact, compact tractors are by far the best-selling tractor category. These small tractors are virtually useless by themselves, but they are versatile when equipped with the proper implements and attachments. This publication discusses the selection of suitable implements for use with compact tractors. (PDF Format Only)
Fire Ant Control
Broadcast Baits for Fire Ant Control
A Southern IPM Center publication. When choosing a broadcast bait to control imported fire ants, consumers and professional pesticide applicators face a confusing array of brand names and active ingredients with varying product performances. This guide addresses common concerns about broadcast baits to help consumers and professionals choose products that best fit their needs and situations. (PDF Format Only)
planting guide
Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide
Use this guide to plant a successful vegetable garden. The information has been developed after considerable research and practical experience. (PDF Format Only)
spider mites
Bug Biz: Twospotted Spider Mites in Strawberries
The twospotted spider mite is one of the most persistent and damaging pest problems affecting strawberry production in Louisiana. Damage, description, life cycle, monitoring, control information and color photos included. Spanish version also included. (PDF Format Only)
Roses - Selection, Planting and Care
It would be hard to find a flower more universally loved than the rose. Over humanity’s long history with this plant, the rose has found its way into our gardens, cuisine, medicine, art and cultures. It is easier than ever to find undemanding, reliable roses that will enhance your landscape. This publication will help you decide what types of roses to grow, as well as explaining how to plant and take care of them. (PDF Format Only)
downy mildew on cucurbits
Louisiana Plant Pathology: Downy Mildew on Cucurbits
Downy mildew is a potentially devastating disease of all cucurbits. Disease symptoms, development, control measures and color photographs of symptoms on pumpkin, cucumber and watermelon are included. (PDF format only)
Mushroom and Fairy Rings in Lawns
Fairy Rings and Mushrooms in Lawns
We often see lawns with mushrooms or doughnut rings of dying or dark green grass. These are referred to as "fairy rings." This publication includes information on how to control fairy rings in your lawn. (PDF Format Only)
Turfgrass for Louisiana
Louisiana Lawns Fact Sheet: Turfgrass for Louisiana Lawns
A lawn can be as functional as it is beautiful if planned properly. Recommended varieties, degree of shade, planting and establishment and other site considerations are included. (PDF Format Only)
Louisiana Iris
Louisiana Iris
The Louisiana iris continues to be a popular plant for landscapes in the Southeast. This publication provides information on culture, watering, fertilization and several other topics. (PDF Format Only)
 Enjoying Ornamental Ponds in Louisiana
Enjoying Ornamental Ponds in Louisiana
This publication outlines some of the options for design, operation and maintenance of ornamental ponds and discusses basic environmental requirements of fish and plants commonly grown in these ponds. 20 pages. Full color. (PDF Format Only)
palm decline
Louisiana Plant Pathology: Texas Phoenix Palm Decline
Texas Phoenix palm decline is a fatal disease of palms. Also known as date palm lethal decline, the disease had only been found in Florida and Texas until recently. During December 2013, however, this disease was positively detected from Canary Island date palms in New Orleans. {PDF format only)
turf maintenance
Turf Maintenance for Athletic Fields
A properly constructed and maintained playing surface is an important component of the overall athletic facility. This publication includes information on the construction and maintence of athletic field turfgrass. (PDF format only)
Selection and Care of Pecan Varieties for Louisiana Yards
Selection and Care of Pecan Varieties for Louisiana Yards
The pecan tree is prevalent in Louisiana as a shade tree in the landscape and also as a source of nuts for home use. The recommended varieties for home planting are listed and described in this publication.(PDF Format Only)
Growing Vegetables in the Hobby Greenhouse
Growing Vegetables in a Hobby Greenhouse
Many Louisiana homeowners have small greenhouses for growing potted plants and for starting annual flower and vegetable plants. You can also grow high-quality fresh vegetables in a home greenhouse during the cold months to add variety and interest to the family diet. Recommended varieties, temperature requirements, pest control and hobby greenhouse diagrams are included. (PDF Format Only)
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