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Physical Activity Guidelines for Children
Physical Activity Guidelines for Children
Regular physical activity is associated with immediate and long-term health benefits such as easier weight control, lower blood pressure, improved cardio-respiratory function and enhanced psychological well-being. Active children are more likely to become active adults. Suggestions for indoor and outdoor activities included. (PDF format only)
DISCOVERING the World of 4-H
4-H is fun. In 4-H, you will learn new things and make new friends. 4-H members “learn by doing.” So once you learn something, we want you to share it with others. This introductory book will provide a glimpse of the various project areas and opportunities 4-H has to offer. Is 4-H for you? You bet it is!!
Give Me 5 A day
Give Me 5 A Day
5 a day. That’s how many vegetables and fruits you need to eat. This illustrated children's nutrition book provides more information. (PDF format only)
The Broiler Project
The Broiler Project
The primary objective of producing broilers is to optimize growth. Find information on housing, brooding, heating, lighting, feeders, waterers, feeds, feeding and health. (PDF format only)
Swine Pig Project Facilities
Show Pig Project Facilities
The facilities you need to raise show pigs do not have to be elaborate or expensive. Many different types and sizes of facilities are satisfactory for growing show pigs. Several basic facility options are discussed in this publication. (PDF Format Only)
Show Pig
Selecting Your Show Pig
Selecting your show pig will be one of the most interesting experiences you will have in your pig project. Many times, it will be very rewarding; other times, it may be frustrating. Use these guidelines to help you select your show pig. (PDF format only)
Snack Facts
Snack Facts (Youth Fact Sheet)
Snacks are OK...if you don't eat them too close to mealtime. Use the snack food guide pyramid to help you choose a healthy snack.
Fun with Nutrition Facts Youth Fact Sheet
Learn how to read the nutrition facts label. Recipe for banana raisin pancakes included.