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My Pyramid
Smart Choices: My Pyramid
Overview of the new USDA food guide pyramid for Adults.
MyPyramid for Kids
MyPyramid for Kids
The new USDA recommendations for healthy eating and activity for kids. (PDF format only)
MyPyramid for Kids
The new USDA recommendations for healthy eating and activity for kids. (PDF format only)
Smart Choices: Exercise is Fun
Children should be physically active for 60 minutes every day -- or almost every day. Use these tips to help you get moving. (PDF Format Only)
smart choices
Smart Choices: It's Time to Play (Youth Fact Sheet)
Play makes your heart happy. Follow these guidelines to get fit. (PDF Format Only)
Tips for Families
Smart Choices: MyPyramid for Kids - Tips for Families
Tips for eating right and exercising for families. (PDF format only)
Make Smart Choices for Good Health
Smart Choices: Make Smart Choices for Good Health (Youth)
information on 8 Steps for Health program, food facts and jumping rope for exercise. (PDF format only)
smart choices
Smart Choices: Nutrition Facts Label
Tips on how to use the nutrition facts label to eat a healthy breakfast. (PDF Format Only)
Smart Choices
Smart Choices: Eating and Exercising for Good Health (Adult Fact Sheet)
Problems working exercise into your day? Follow these tips. (PDF Format Only)
Smart Choices: Give Your Heart a Break
Tips for cutting down on fat and cholesterol. (PDF Format Only)
Smart Choices: Parents....Get Straight A's with a Healthy Breakfast
Your child's attention, attendance and academic achievement improve with breakfast. Helpful hints for busy parents and quick and easy ideas for breakfast included. (PDF Format Only)
Smart Choices: Healthy Snacks for Home and School
Smart snacking is a great way to meet daily nutrient requirements that may be missd at mealtimes. Use these quick and nutritious snack ideas to add nutrients to your diet without adding too many calories. (PDF Format Only)
grocery list
Smart Choices: Grocery List
Use this sample grocery list for eating on the go. (PDF Format Only)
smart choices
Smart Choices: Healthy Heart
The key to keeping a healthy heart is to eat right and exercise. This publication contains tips for doing both, as well as more heart-y hints. (PDF Format Only)
Physical Activity Guidelines for Children
Physical Activity Guidelines fo Children
Regular physical activity is associated with immediate and long-term health benefits such as easier weight control, lower blood pressure, improved cardio-respiratory function and enhanced psychological well-being. Active children are more likely to become active adults. Suggestions for indoor and outdoor activities included. (PDF format only)
Louisiana Figs
This publication includes information on varieties, nutritional value, fig facts and simple methods of food preservation so you can enjoy Louisiana figs all year long. (PDF Format Only)
Health Benefits of Seafood
Including seafood as part of an overall balanced diet can provide many health benefits. This publication includes tips on selecting, storing and using seafood. (PDF Format Only)
30 MyPyramid Steps
30 MyPyramid Steps to a Healthier You
MyPyramid’s slogan “Steps to a Healthier You” indicates we can benefit from taking small steps daily to improve our diet and lifestyle. Here are some steps to get you started. (PDF format only)
canning vegetables
Canning Louisiana Vegetables
Home-canned vegetables are safe, nutritious and good to eat – if canned properly. (PDF Format Only)
Weight Loss Methods
Weight Loss Methods Series
When someone is overweight and is motivated to lose weight, there are safe and effective methods to lose pounds and to maintain weight loss. An LSU AgCenter and Pennington Biomedical Research Center Nutrition Series.
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