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managing in tough times
Managing in Tough Times
Managing in Tough Times provides helpful information for families experiencing a disaster, such as how to manage family finances, keep the family strong and stay healthy. Topics include financial survival tips, getting the most from what you have, what bills to pay first, making meaning our of adversity, helping children cope with crisis, keys to coping with stress and cutting food costs.
mold remediation contractor
Hiring a Mold Remediation Contractor
Hiring a qualified contractor for mold remediation is not required but generally is safer and more effective than a "do-it-yourself" approach because of the use of specialized equipment. In either case, you should carefully follow safety precautions to reduce exposure to mold. This publication provides guidance on safe and effective mold remediation practices and how to select a qualified remediation professional. (PDF Format only)
indoor air pollution
Be Aware of Your Indoor Air
Did you know the air inside buildings is nearly always more polluted than outside air? Learn the types of indoor air pollution and what you can do. (PDF Format Only)
lead screening
You Can Prevent Lead Poisoning
Lead poisoning is very common. Millions of all ages are affected every year. What is lead and how is it used? Where is lead found? How can my child get lead poisoning? Why is lead poisoning so dangerous? Should my child be tested for lead? Find these answers and more in this free publication. (PDF format only)
healthy community
The Systems Approach to Healthy Community Using LSU AgCenter Resources and Leadership
This paper gives an introductory overview of the Systems Approach to Healthy Community that is being used by the LSU AgCenter in its Northwest Louisiana Region. It briefly explores some theoretical and conceptual ideas underlying the basic approach, and it presents a strategy and a logic model that illustrate several aspects of how this approach relates to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Community Nutrition Education Logic Model. (PDF Format Only)
important papers
Organize Your Important Papers: What to Keep and Where
It is wise to periodically review your important papers. The following guide to record keeping will help you work out a personalized and efficient system for preserving and safeguarding important family papers. Moreover, it will provide a handy reference for deciding what items to keep, why you need to keep them, how long to keep them and where to keep them.
Insect Repellants
Insect Repellents
People who work or play outdoors are often attacked by numerous species of insects, ticks and mites. If you choose or are required to be outside when insects are active, use a repellent. This publication explains how repellents are chemical substances that protect people from insect attack by making the body unattractive or offensive to insects. A repellent does not have to kill insects to be effective, although it may. (PDF Format Only)