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Body Condition Scoring System (BCS) for Beef Cattle
pub 3450 cover

Body condition scores are numerical values that reflect fatness or condition of the beef cow; and is determined by herd maintenance requirement, pasture intake and past production.

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL): A Guide for Louisiana Cattle Producers

Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) mandates that the majority of livestock commodities be identified by country of origin. This document provides producers with the information they need to be in compliance. (PDF Format Only)

Health Care and Nutritional Management of Beef Bulls
beef bulls health care

Information on purchasing healthy bulls, breeding-soundness examinations, disease prevention and nutrition. (PDF format only)

Factors Affecting the Beef Choice/Select Spread
beef choice-select spread

This publication covers calculation of the choice/select spread, as well as supply and demand factors that widen or narrow the choice/select spread. Additional discussion centers on how the choice/select spread reflects cattle quality and packer demand for certain USDA quality grades (PDF format only)

County Extension Agent Preferences for USDA Market Information
usda market info
This brochure details the relative value Extension agents place on various USDA livestock and poultry reports that contain pricing and production data. (PDF format only)
Livestock Risk Protection Insurance for Feeder Cattle
Livestock Risk Protection
Livestock Risk Protection insurance for feeder cattle has been extended to producers in Louisiana. This insurance product is available for purchase from private crop insurance agents. The benefit of this insurance product is that producers can protect their breakeven price level, and there is no minimum number of head that must be insured under a policy. Policies are available that will align with when cattle are marketed, size of cattle marketed and type of cattle marketed. (PDF Format Only)
Louisiana Seasonal Cattle Price Patterns
Production agriculture is affected by seasonal production and demand cycles that are influenced by weather conditions as well as biological processes. These supply-and-demand conditions lead to seasonal price patterns. Awareness of seasonal price patterns can improve production and marketing decisions made by producers. (PDF Format Only)
Beef Cattle Production in Louisiana - A Handbook
beef handbook
A comprehensive handbook for beef cattle producers, this 152-page manual provides a wealth of useful information that is augmented by color photographs, charts and other illustrations. It is endorsed by the Louisiana Beef Industry Council and written by a variety of experts. Cost: $25 plus tax (free shipping). You can order this book through our online store by using the Order Publication button below.