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Perennial Grasses Infesting Louisiana's Rice
Perennial Grasses Infesting Louisiana's Rice
This publication includes keys to identification of water paspalum, brook paspalum, knotgrass and perennial barnyardgrass. (PDF Format Only)
herbicide drift in rice
Identifying Herbicide Drift in Rice
Herbicide drift symptoms may appear as irregular patterns through a field, uniformly across the entire field or on just one side of a field. Symptoms may be as obvious as dead or dying plants or as subtle as shortened plant internode length. Use this publciation as a photographic guide to assist in identifying a potential herbicide drift event occuring in rice. (PDF format only)
South American Rice Leaf Miner
The South American Rice Leaf Miner
The South American rice leaf miner, Hydrellia wirthi Korytkowski, is an insect pest of rice in the United States. It affected several rice fields in southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas in 2004. Topics include description and life cycle, injury, scouting and managment. Color photos also included. (PDF Format Only)
shealth blight
Shealth Blight of Rice
Sheath blight has been the most economically significant disease of rice in Louisiana since the early 1970s. The disease is caused by a fungal pathogen of both rice and soybeans. This fact sheet describes the symptoms of the disease and gives suggested management procedures. (PDF Format Only)
mexican rice borer
Mexican Rice Borer Identification Card
The Mexican rice borer is a devastating pest of sugarcane and a serious pest of rice. It was first collected in Louisiana in two pheromone traps on Dec. 15, 2008, near two rice fields northwest of Vinton, La. Identification, injury, scouting and management infomation included. (PDF Format Only)
rice pests
Rice Pests of Louisiana
Identification and scouting information for rice water weevils, rice stink bugs, panicle rice mites, rice leafminers and rice stem borers. (PDF format only)
rice diseases
Rice Diseases of Louisiana
This publication describes the major rice diseases in Louisiana and the southern United States rice-growing region. Detailed color images of bacterial panicle blight, blast, grain smuts, narrow brown leaf spot, shealth blight, sheath rot, stem rot, water mold and stem rot are included. (PDF format only)
rice varieties pub
Rice Varieties and Management Tip
2015 recommendations for rice varieties and management tips for them. Decisions about rice varieties are some of the most critical you will make, and those deicisions have to be made early each year. The information in this publication will help you decide which rice varieties are best suited to your particular growing conditions. (PDF Format Only)
rice production hand book
Rice Production Handbook
Rice is one of the world’s most important cereal crops. Rice and wheat together make up the majority of the world’s source of calories. They feed the world. Information on general agronomic guidelines, varieties, soils, plant nutrition, fertilization, rice drying, economics and weed, disease and pest management. (Individual chapter pdfs are located at the bottom of the page.)
poultry litter in rice
A Guide to Poultry Litter Use in Louisiana Rice Production
The use of poultry litter on unproductive areas has increased rice productivity levels in many cases above those realized prior to precision leveling. The use of litter in conjunction with inorganic fertilizers also has been reported to improve yields above those found when using inorganic fertilizers alone. Information on the nutrient content, litter sampling, litter sources and general recommendations are included. (PDF format only)
rice weed id
Schematic Diagram for Seedling Weed Identification in Rice
This guide includes helpful information on identifying weeds in Louisiana rice. The publication contains a schematic guide to help with proper identification of weeds based on specific characteristics of each plant. It also contains photos of each weed listed in the schematic as well as examples showing key characteristics.
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