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Potential Tax Strategies for Depreciating Broiler Chicken Houses
depreciating broiler chicken houses

The brochure details the impacts of using alternative tax depreciation schedules to improve the cash flow for contract broiler producers. (PDF format only)

County Extension Agent Preferences for USDA Market Information
usda market info

This brochure details the relative value Extension agents place on various USDA livestock and poultry reports that contain pricing and production data. (PDF format only)

A Guide to Poultry Litter Use in Louisiana Rice Production
poultry litter in rice

The use of poultry litter on unproductive areas has increased rice productivity levels in many cases above those realized prior to precision leveling. The use of litter in conjunction with inorganic fertilizers also has been reported to improve yields above those found when using inorganic fertilizers alone. Information on the nutrient content, litter sampling, litter sources and general recommendations are included. (PDF format only)

Seasonal Price and Production Influences in the Broiler Chicken Industry
broiler chicken industry

This publication discusses the data provided by branches of USDA and its limitations, as well as background information on some relationships within the data that is publicly available for the broiler chicken industry.

Avian Influenza
Avian Influenza
What is avian influenza (bird flu)? What are the hosts for avian influenza? How is avian influenza transmitted from bird to bird? What are the signs of avian influenza in birds? Find these answers and more in this one-page fact sheet. (PDF Format Only)
In-House Pasteurization of Broiler Litter
Broiler Litter
Louisiana poultry growers and others in the industry are looking for more “environmentally friendly” alternatives to those convenionally used to handle the volume of poultry litter generated by the industry. This publication provides information on the methods and results of an LSU AgCenter research and demonstration project on in-house pasteurization of broiler litter. (PDF Format Only)
Poultry Production Best Management Practices
poultry bmp
BMPs for poultry farms are a specific set of practices used by farmers to reduce the amount of soil, nutrients, pesticides and microbial contaminants entering surface water and groundwater while maintaining or improving the productivity of agricultural land. This BMP manual is a guide for the selection, implementation and management of those practices that will help poultry farmers conserve soil and protect water and air resources. (PDF format only)
A Conjoint Analysis of Site Selection for the U.S. Broiler Industry: Implications for Louisiana (August 2004)
A Conjoint Analysis of Site Selection for the U.S. Broiler Industry: Implications for Louisiana (August 2004)
The purpose of this study is to analyze broiler industry executives’ decisions on where to locate a broiler complex in the United States. The specific objectives are to identify factors affecting site locations of broiler complexes in the United States and to measure the effects and relative importance of these factors on the broiler complex location decision. (PDF format only)
Sampling Poultry Litter and Soil for Nutrient Analysis
Sampling Poultry Litter and Soil for Nutrient Analysis
Poultry litter and soil testing are the foundation of a sound nutrient-management program. Poultry litter testing and soil testing are important best management practices (BMPs), and they are essential components of a comprehensive nutrient-management plan (CNMP). This publication includes information on the correct procedures of sampling. (PDF Fomat Only)