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Nematode Management in Louisiana Cotton Production
cotton nematode

Several plant-parasitic nematodes are responsible for causing serious losses in Louisiana cotton every year. The nematode losses within any field can range from fairly minor to severe. (PDF Format Only)

Suggested Guidelines for Plant Growth Regulator Use on Louisiana Cotton
Plant Growth Regulator Use on Cotton

Methods and philosophies for the use of mepiquat in cotton vary widely. This publication explains the effect of mepiquat-containing products on cotton growth and development and suggests some guidelines for its use that will increase the likelihood of realizing the benefits and minimizing the risks. (PDF Format Only)

Cotton Harvest Aid Guidelines for Louisiana
2015 Recommendations. One of the last, but most important, steps in producing a cotton crop is harvest preparation. Successful preparation includes scheduling for defoliation and harvest operations, removing foliage and facilitating boll opening. Use these recommendations for a successful cotton harvest. (PDF Format Only)

Cotton Varieties for Louisiana

2015 guidelines for cotton production practices associated with planting time and variety selection. (PDF Format Only)

Cotton, Corn and Soybean Net Return Comparison Decision Aid
Cotton Corn and Soybean Net Return Comparison Decision Aid
The Cotton, Corn and Soybean Net Return Comparison Decision Aid is a spreadsheet-based decision tool developed to assist row crop producers in Louisiana in making production decisions based on expected net return comparisons between production of cotton, corn and soybeans, using alternative expectations related to variable production costs, expected crop yields and expected crop market prices.
Multi-state Evaulation of Bug Sampling Methods in Blooming Cotton
The cotton production system is evolving rapidly in the mid-South because of the use of new technologies. Bt cotton varieties are planted on more than 80 percent of mid-South acreage because of the threat posed by resistant tobacco budworm, bollworms and, to a lesser extent, other caterpillar pests. Procedures, results and example data collection sheet included. Revised July 2007 (PDF Format Only)
Best Management Practices for Plant Bugs in Midsouth Cotton
plant bugs on cotton
Plant bugs have become a very serious insect pest of cotton in the Midsouth. Control is often difficult because of high population densities and resistance. Follow these best management practices to help reduce the cost of plant bug control. (PDF Format Only)
Double-cropping Cotton and Wheat in Louisiana
doublecropping cotton and wheat
Wheat acreage in Louisiana has increased significantly because of higher wheat prices. With the increase in wheat acreage, interest has risen considerably in double-cropping cotton after wheat is harvested. Recommendations for growing cotton in a double-cropped production system with wheat in 2007 are included. (PDF format only)
Louisiana On-Farm Cotton Variety Trial Summary
Each year, the LSU AgCenter conducts a number of on-farm cotton variety trials. These trials can be a useful supplement to Official Variety Trial (OVT) information as well as other sources of data on which to base cotton variety selection decisions.