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disease mgmt guide
Plant Disease Management Guide
This guide for 2015 contains suggestions for management of the most important or more prevalent diseases of Louisiana plants. It includes information on fungicides, bactericides and nematicides, as well as safety precautions for using them.
weed guide
Louisiana Suggested Chemical Weed Management Guide
This 2015 guide includes helpful information on herbicides and weed control with detailed suggestions for aquatics, commercial nursery stock, field crops, forestry, fruit crops, home gardens, lawns and many other Louisiana crops. It includes information on different types of herbicide registrations, as well as information on herbicide labels and restricted uses. Also included are sprayer calibration techniques, suggestions for reducing herbicide drift and a guide to proper spray tip selection.
Air-Blast Sprayer Calibration for Pecan Orchards
Air-Blast Sprayer Calibration for Pecan Orchards
Chemical pesticides are the most commonly used method for controlling arthropod and disease pests on pecan. This publication provides an overview of procedures for the calibration of air-carrier sprayers.
Bug Biz: Removing Bees From Walls
Bug Biz: Removing Bees From Walls
The process of removing honeybees from walls in a house is complex. This publication explains how to safely and properly remove the bees from your walls. (PDF format only)
Protecting Louisiana's Waters
Protecting Louisiana's Waters Using Best Management Practices
Best management practices (BMPs) are used by agricultural producers to control the generation and delivery of pollutants from agricultural activities to water resources of the state, thereby reducing the amount of agricultural pollutants entering surface and ground waters. This publication includes information on five main areas: nutrient management, pesticide management, soil and water management, pasture management and general farm BMPs. (PDF Format Only)
Fire Ants
Bug Biz: Fire Ants
The red imported fire ant, a Louisiana resident since the early 1950s, can be a painful pest or a beneficial friend. Depending on your situation, you may want to manage these ants or simply let them go about their helpful way. Eradication vs. management of the fire ant is discussed in this fact sheet. (PDF Format Only)
swine bmp
Swine Production Best Management Practices
Best management practices (BMPs) are a set of practices used by farmers to reduce the amount of soil, nutrients, pesticides and microbial contaminants entering surface water and groundwater while maintaining or improving the productivity of agricultural land. This list of BMPs is a guide for selection and implementation of practices that will help swine farmers conserve soil and protect water and air resources by reducing pollutants. (PDF format only)
Country of Origin Labeling (COOL): A Guide for Louisiana Cattle Producers
Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) mandates that the majority of livestock commodities be identified by country of origin. This document provides producers with the information they need to be in compliance. (PDF Format Only)
Fire Ant Control
Broadcast Baits for Fire Ant Control
A Southern IPM Center publication. When choosing a broadcast bait to control imported fire ants, consumers and professional pesticide applicators face a confusing array of brand names and active ingredients with varying product performances. This guide addresses common concerns about broadcast baits to help consumers and professionals choose products that best fit their needs and situations. (PDF Format Only)
Pecan Scab Disease
Pecan Scab Disease
Pecan scab disease is the most economically damaging disease of pecan production in the southeastern United States. The disease affects stem, leaf and nut growth, causing reduced yield. This publication includes information on the development, symptoms and control of the disease. (PDF format only)
doublecropping cotton and wheat
Double-cropping Cotton and Wheat in Louisiana
Wheat acreage in Louisiana has increased significantly because of higher wheat prices. With the increase in wheat acreage, interest has risen considerably in double-cropping cotton after wheat is harvested. Recommendations for growing cotton in a double-cropped production system with wheat in 2007 are included. (PDF format only)
Avian Influenza
Avian Influenza
What is avian influenza (bird flu)? What are the hosts for avian influenza? How is avian influenza transmitted from bird to bird? What are the signs of avian influenza in birds? Find these answers and more in this one-page fact sheet. (PDF Format Only)
Brixing to Improve Sugarcane Quality
Brixing to Improve Sugarcane Quality
This publication includes information on the process of brixing and how it can help improve sugarcane quality. It also includes information on the correct treatments for your fields with the highest brix. (PDF Format Only)
cucumber beetle
Managing Cucumber Beetles (Rootworms) in Louisiana Sweet Potato Production
Cucumber beetles (rootworms) are significant insect pests of sweet potatoes in Louisiana. Adults and larvae of these insects feed on sweet potatoes, but larvae are the most damaging. Descriptions of the banded cucumber beetle and the spotted cucumber beetle, as well as management strategies for these insects, are included in this publication. (PDF Format Only)
Louisiana Sugarcane Burning
Louisiana Sugarcane Burning
Why is the sugarcane industry important to Louisiana? Why do farmers burn sugarcane in the first place? What are the benefits of burning sugarcane? Find these answers and more. (PDF Format Only)
The Educated Horseman: Health Series
The Educated Horseman Series provides science based information covering a variety of horse related topics and techniques including Health, Management, Disease, Facilities, and Equipment.
The Educated Horseman: Management Series
The Educated Horseman Series provides science based information covering a variety of horse related topics and techniques including Health, Management, Disease, Facilities, and Equipment.
Bug Biz: Carpenter Bees
Bug Biz: Carpenter Bees
This publication includes information on the identification and management of carpenter bees. (PDF format only)
rice pests
Rice Pests of Louisiana
Identification and scouting information for rice water weevils, rice stink bugs, panicle rice mites, rice leafminers and rice stem borers. (PDF format only)
rice diseases
Rice Diseases of Louisiana
This publication describes the major rice diseases in Louisiana and the southern United States rice-growing region. Detailed color images of bacterial panicle blight, blast, grain smuts, narrow brown leaf spot, shealth blight, sheath rot, stem rot, water mold and stem rot are included. (PDF format only)
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