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Rice growth behind schedule
(Audio News 07/07/14) A cold spring delayed rice planting and a wet June stalled growth, causing this year’s crop to be behind schedule. LSU AgCenter rice specialist Johnny Saichuk said drier conditions could improve the crop’s outlook. (Runtime: 1:20)
Weeds, nitrogen are topics at field day
(Audio News 06/23/14) Controlling weeds and reducing nitrogen loss are big concerns for farmers. LSU AgCenter researchers addressed both topics at a Northeast Research Station field day in St. Joseph. Participants heard about new herbicide technologies. (Runtime: 1:35)
Going gluten-free eliminates nutrients
(Audio News: 06/19/14) The gluten-free label is becoming more popular on items in the grocery store. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. People who have the autoimmune disease, celiac disease, experience a toxic immune response when they ingest gluten and should eliminate gluten from their diets, according to LSU AgCenter registered dietician Denise Holston-West. (Runtime: 1:25)
Sociologist examines Louisiana ethnic groups
(Audio 05/07/14) Louisiana’s ethnic make-up has shifted over the years, not only in terms of who lives in Louisiana,but also in how individuals identify themselves. LSU AgCenter sociologist Mark Schafer has been studying eight of Louisiana’s ethnic or racial groups. (Runtime: 1:20)
Soda consumption is down in the U.S.
(Audio News 04/16/14) Americans are consuming less soda. Soda consumption has been declining over the past few years and is at the lowest it’s been since the mid-1990s. Denise Holston-West, a registered dietician with the LSU AgCenter, said efforts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign are starting to pay off.



Rice Update
Rice farmers in Louisiana use new technology
(Video: 07/10/14) Louisiana’s rice crop is midway through its growing season, but weather has caused delays. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard has an update on the crop and a look at new technology that can improve the way farmers grow rice. (Runtime: 1:30 seconds)
spring flowering bulbs
Replanting your spring bulb plants
(Video 03/24/14) Flowering bulbs are a natural part of spring. You might wonder: “Will my potted tulips or daffodils keep growing, or can I replant them?" On this edition of Get It Growing, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill answers those questions and talks about the general care of these beautiful plants. (Runtime: 1:40 seconds)