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Sweet corn can thrive in home gardens
sweet corn patch

(Distributed 03/17/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – As warmer weather approaches, we conjure up images associated with the upcoming season – longer days, swimming, snow cones, barbeques. . . and sweet corn.

Fannin named LSU Rainmaker
Matt Fannin

(Distributed 03/17/15) BATON ROUGE, La, – Matt Fannin has spent much of his career researching the economics behind rural communities. His work has helped improve health access for rural residents and assisted local governments become financially prepared for natural disasters.

LSU AgCenter researcher receives grant to study rural wealth
(Distributed 03/16/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently awarded $14 million in grants through its Agriculture Food and Research Initiative to support programs aimed at increasing prosperity in rural America. Matt Fannin, LSU AgCenter economist and associate professor in the LSU College of Agriculture, is part of a group that received $500,000 to study rural communities and regional development.

"Rural Wealth Creation," a conversation with AgCenter economist Matt Fannin

(Audio 03/16/15) LSU AgCenter economist and LSU College of Agriculture associate professor Matt Fannin helped co-edit and author the book, “Rural Wealth Creation,” which investigates the role of wealth in achieving sustainable economic development. Fannin talks with Tobie Blanchard about principles in the book and a grant he received as a result of the book.

Silverbells – Ornamental Plant of the Week for March 16, 2015
(Distributed 03/13/15) Silverbells comprise several species of native trees that are attracting increased interest in the southeastern United States. The two-winged silverbell (Halesia diptera) is one of our many smaller-growing native tree species that should be considered for inclusion in a native landscape plan.
Know your hardiness, heat zones
plant hardiness zones
(Distributed 03/13/15) HAMMOND, La. – As we transition from late winter to early spring in the landscape, many gardeners start thinking about weather conditions, last frost and freeze dates and consider whether it’s safe to plant this plant or that plant in the landscape.
LSU AgCenter scientist wins national award
catching fish
(Distributed 03/13/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – Christopher Green, associate professor at the LSU AgCenter Aquaculture Research Station, received the Distinguished Early Career Award at the United States Aquaculture Society’s annual meeting.
Summit focuses on seafood industry
Thu Bui
(Distributed 03/13/15) HOUMA, La. – The Louisiana Fisheries Forward seafood summit held Wednesday (March 11) provided the seafood industry with information and assistance that could help producers stay in business and even increase profits.
Spray fruit trees to repel insects and fungus
(Audio 03/16/15) It's extremely important to spray fruit trees with insecticides and fungicides before they are infested. Be proactive and begin a spray program long before problems develop. Listen for more information on spraying fruit trees. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Learn about different types of fertilizer
(Audio 03/16/15) Fertilizer is important, but you don't need a different kind for every plant. A general purpose fertilizer will work for most of your plants. Listen for more information on different types of fertilizers. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Create a well-prepared bed for your plants
(Audio 03/16/15) March and April are very busy months for Louisiana gardening. In these months, make sure you prepare your beds very well for your vegetables, shrubs, and flowers. Listen for instructions on proper bed preparation. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Control brown patch in your lawn
(Audio 03/16/15) Brown patch is a very common fungal disease that attacks lawns. The disease gets started when the weather is cool and moist and turns the grass yellow and brownish. Listen for instructions on how to control brown patch. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Properly care for your early spring lawn
(Audio 03/16/15) By late March and early April, Louisiana lawns are greening up very nicely. During this time, it is best to leave your lawn alone. Avoid fertilizing until the first week of April to allow the old root system to die off. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
4-H seeks alumni by March 16 for national contest
(Distributed 03/12/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – Louisiana 4-H has the opportunity to win $10,000 to support state programs about science, technology, engineering and math, known as STEM, if enough alumni cast an electronic vote by March 16 in a national competition sponsored by the National 4-H Council.