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Flutterby Petite bedelia
New buddleia named Louisiana Super Plant
(For Release On Or After 04/25/14) Buddleia Flutterby Petite Tutti Frutti Pink is a Louisiana Super Plants selection for spring 2014. I know the variety name is a mouthful, but it is well worth remembering and looking for at your local nurseries.
drying herbs
Fresh herbs – easy to grow and delicious
(For Release On Or After 04/18/14) Many Louisiana gardeners have discovered how easy and rewarding growing herbs can be. Especially popular are the culinary herbs used to flavor foods. The trend for gardeners to plant and grow herbs continues to gain in popularity. Indeed, planting herbs is fairly common these days, particularly among gardeners like me who enjoy cooking.
Kauai White torenia
Kauai torenia selected as Louisiana Super Plant
(For Release On Or After 04/11/14) Spring is here, and it’s time to plant warm-season bedding plants into our flower gardens. These plants will provide color for us through the coming summer. An outstanding choice is Kauai series torenia (Torenia fournieri), a Louisiana Super Plant selection for spring 2014.
thin lawn in shade
Grass doesn’t always grow under trees
(For Release On Or After 04/04/14) It’s amazing how many times I’ve gotten questions about growing grass in shady areas. This is a common issue as shade trees in a landscape grow larger over time. Eventually, the shade they create may not allow grass to grow well in the most shaded areas. When dealing with this sort of situation, you have several options.
mexican primrose
Notice our beautiful spring wildflowers
(For Release On Or After 03/21/14) Mention blooming wildflowers, and most people think of country meadows and drives along rural roads. Wildflowers, however, are to be found everywhere, including cities and suburbs as well as in the country.
alan morgan answering questions
Don’t miss educational opportunities
(For Release On Or After 03/14/14) Gardening is no different from any other human endeavor. Whether you want to repair your own car or cook a fancy meal, you must understand the information and techniques that have to be learned and done properly.
summer bedding plants
Planning the summer flower garden
(For Release On Or After 03/28/14) As we move into April, we can enjoy the peak blooming season of our cool-season annuals. But it’s not too early to begin to plan our summer gardens. If you have empty flower beds, you may even begin to plant summer flowers in late March in south Louisiana or early to mid-April in north Louisiana.
crape murder
Stop ‘crape murder’
(For Release On Or After 03/07/14) The term “crape murder” has been coined to describe the cutting back of crape myrtle trees. Although perhaps a little overly dramatic, it is in use by horticulturists across the Southeast wherever crape myrtles are a popular and common tree.
Garden with termites in mind
(For Release On Or After 02/28/14) The next several months are a popular time for adding new beds of shrubs, ground covers and flowers to the landscape or reworking and replanting existing beds. When dealing with beds that are right next to your house, this work can affect your home’s termite protection.
Yellow leaves are not always a problem
(For Release On Or After 02/21/14) Yellow leaves have been showing up on a wide variety of evergreen shrubs since the past fall, and this has caused many Louisiana gardeners some concern. Although the condition may look alarming, in most cases the yellowing leaves do not indicate a problem.
Protect trees during construction
(For Release On Or After 02/14/14) Homeowners whose new houses were constructed on lots with existing trees are often dismayed to find the trees declining in health or dying a few years after construction. This tragedy can be avoided if existing trees are properly protected during construction around them.
Prune roses in early February
(For Release On Or After 02/07/14) Early February is an excellent time to cut back roses growing in your landscape. Hybrid tea and grandiflora roses, in particular, should be pruned around this time every year. Otherwise, these roses tend to become leggy, less vigorous and unattractive and do not bloom as well.
camellia japonica flower
Camellias are outstanding in containers
(For Release On Or After 01/31/14) Few shrubs or trees are best purchased and planted while they are in bloom. One notable shrub, however, is currently in glorious bloom, and right now is an excellent time to plant it into your landscape.
Don’t wait for spring fever
(For Release On Or After 01/24/14) In the gardening world, “spring fever” is that time of the year when gardeners flock to nurseries in droves to buy flowers, shrubs, trees and other types of plants by the truckload. During that time, a frenzy of planting takes place, and the nurseries are crowded most weekends.
patio garden
Plan carefully when designing small gardens
(For Release On Or After 01/17/14) Small, intimate gardens are typical in most landscapes. Even when yards are relatively large, small-scale plantings close to the house and around outdoor living areas are common.
raised beds
Keep an eye on your landscape during wet winter weather
(For Release On Or After 01/10/14) It is not unusual for rainy weather to be an issue in late winter or early spring in Louisiana. Rain is common in late December, January and February. March is often stormy.
pruning diagram
Pruning trees requires care
(For Release On Or After 01/03/14) Virtually all trees in our landscapes will need to be pruned during their lives – particularly in the first two decades after planting. Sometimes a tree may need to be pruned in some way to help it, such as dealing with storm damage, reducing limb weight, removing dead limbs and stopping the spread of disease.
Candy pecan
Plant pecan trees in winter
(For Release On Or After 12/20/13) November through February is the best time to plant pecan trees. But before you decide to add a pecan tree to your landscape, there are some things to consider.
christmas cactus
Cactuses brighten the holiday season
(For Release On Or After 12/13/13) Of the many kinds of plants we use to decorate our homes for the holidays, the holiday cactuses possess a special beauty. And yes, despite the fact that these plants don’t have spines, they are true cactuses.
Deck the halls with homemade garlands
(For Release On Or After 12/06/13) An easy-to-make garland might be just what you need to spruce up your front entrance before your holiday company arrives. It just so happens that December is an ideal time to prune conifers. Instead of throwing away what you prune from these plants, use them to make festive garlands.
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