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Late-summer gardening
(For Release On Or After 07/25/14) Oppressive heat and humidity are part of late summer in Louisiana as much as good food and music are part of our local culture. Despite the heat, garden activities continue for those who can stand it.
Flowers of the sun
(For Release On Or After 07/18/14) If you haven’t paid a lot of attention to sunflowers for your garden lately, you may think only of the gigantic sunflowers that reach for their namesake in the sky – towering to heights of 8 feet or more. And you may think that they only come in yellow.
Summertime means summer vines
(For Release On Or After 07/11/14) Some of the most beautiful flowers of the summer garden are produced by vines. Because vines climb, the flowers are often produced at eye-level or overhead, allowing the gardener the chance to easily smell the fragrance or closely examine the details of the blooms.
Aphrodite althea
Look beyond crape myrtles
(For Release On Or After 07/04/14) For the summer season, no flowering tree or shrub out-blooms the crape myrtle. This small tree packs a powerful punch of color over an amazingly long season. But other summer blooming large shrubs and small trees can do a lot to contribute to the summer display. Here are a few.
pineapple in pot
Grow your own sweet, juicy pineapple
(For Release On Or After 06/27/14) Growing a pineapple plant and getting it to produce a pineapple for you is a fun gardening project. Now is a great time to begin, and as you will see, it’s really not all that difficult.
webworms on redbud twigs
Sometimes you must deal with caterpillars
(For Release On Or After 06/20/14) Caterpillars of various types are common pests in vegetable gardens, flower beds, trees, shrubs and even lawns all through the summer. Fall webworms infest a wide variety of fruit and nut trees as well as ornamental trees and shrubs.
Sioux crape myrtle
Crape myrtles remain a Louisiana favorite
(For Release On Or After 06/13/14) Although native to the Far East, crape myrtles are almost indispensable in the Southern landscape. Their vibrantly colored flowers in shades of pink, purple, red and white from May to September virtually define the summer season here.
Harvest home-grown vegetables properly
(For Release On Or After 06/06/14) June is the peak month for harvesting early-summer vegetables. One reason people grow their own vegetables is for the outstanding quality of freshly harvested produce. Harvesting at the right stage, however, is essential to getting the best quality vegetables from your garden.
packaging a sample
You can reduce and deal with pest problems
(For Release On Or After 05/30/14) A wide variety of pests can damage plants or cause problems in Louisiana landscapes. They include insects, mites, fungi, bacteria, nematodes and a whole host of weeds.
Try ornamental sweet potatoes
(For Release On Or After 05/23/14) We are generally interested in something to eat when we grow vegetables. In some cases, however, certain vegetable varieties have been bred and selected for their ornamental characteristics rather than food quality.
flats of marigolds
Marigolds vs. nematodes
(For Release On Or After 05/16/14) You may sometimes read or hear information about planting certain plants around other types of plants to prevent insect problems. This is commonly called companion planting.
Luna hibiscus
How about a hardy hibiscus?
(For Release On Or After 05/09/14) Yes, some hibiscuses are hardy in Louisiana. One of them, the Luna series hibiscus, has been named a Louisiana Super Plant selection for spring 2014.
oak flowers
You can survive gardening with allergies
(For Release On Or After 05/02/14) Many gardeners suffer from pollen allergies and are prone to sneezing, runny noses, watering eyes and sinus pressure headaches while working outside when pollen counts are high.
Flutterby Petite bedelia
New buddleia named Louisiana Super Plant
(For Release On Or After 04/25/14) Buddleia Flutterby Petite Tutti Frutti Pink is a Louisiana Super Plants selection for spring 2014. I know the variety name is a mouthful, but it is well worth remembering and looking for at your local nurseries.
drying herbs
Fresh herbs – easy to grow and delicious
(For Release On Or After 04/18/14) Many Louisiana gardeners have discovered how easy and rewarding growing herbs can be. Especially popular are the culinary herbs used to flavor foods. The trend for gardeners to plant and grow herbs continues to gain in popularity. Indeed, planting herbs is fairly common these days, particularly among gardeners like me who enjoy cooking.
Kauai White torenia
Kauai torenia selected as Louisiana Super Plant
(For Release On Or After 04/11/14) Spring is here, and it’s time to plant warm-season bedding plants into our flower gardens. These plants will provide color for us through the coming summer. An outstanding choice is Kauai series torenia (Torenia fournieri), a Louisiana Super Plant selection for spring 2014.
thin lawn in shade
Grass doesn’t always grow under trees
(For Release On Or After 04/04/14) It’s amazing how many times I’ve gotten questions about growing grass in shady areas. This is a common issue as shade trees in a landscape grow larger over time. Eventually, the shade they create may not allow grass to grow well in the most shaded areas. When dealing with this sort of situation, you have several options.
mexican primrose
Notice our beautiful spring wildflowers
(For Release On Or After 03/21/14) Mention blooming wildflowers, and most people think of country meadows and drives along rural roads. Wildflowers, however, are to be found everywhere, including cities and suburbs as well as in the country.
alan morgan answering questions
Don’t miss educational opportunities
(For Release On Or After 03/14/14) Gardening is no different from any other human endeavor. Whether you want to repair your own car or cook a fancy meal, you must understand the information and techniques that have to be learned and done properly.
summer bedding plants
Planning the summer flower garden
(For Release On Or After 03/28/14) As we move into April, we can enjoy the peak blooming season of our cool-season annuals. But it’s not too early to begin to plan our summer gardens. If you have empty flower beds, you may even begin to plant summer flowers in late March in south Louisiana or early to mid-April in north Louisiana.
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