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Wildflowers are a spring delight
(02/26/16) Mention blooming wildflowers and most people think of country meadows and drives along rural roads. Wildflowers, however, are to be found everywhere – even along the interstates and in major metropolitan areas.
red flowers
Use color effectively in the landscape
(02/19/16) Color is very important to us. We use it everywhere in our surroundings and on our bodies. We carefully consider which colors to combine and use in our interior decors. People take their time (sometimes too much) deciding on what colors they will wear for a day or even for a few hours. Yet, how many gardeners spend time to carefully consider and develop a color scheme for their flower beds and landscape?
raised bed
February can be a rainy month
(02/12/16) February weather often includes heavy and frequent rain, and this should remind us that Louisiana has a relatively wet climate. Periods of drought certainly do occur here, especially during the hot months of summer. But it is important for gardeners to realize that plant selection and the gardening techniques we use are largely influenced by the generous amount of annual rainfall we receive in Louisiana.
planting a rose step 1
Now is the time to plant roses
(02/05/16) Gardeners often wait until April or May to purchase blooming roses from nurseries and plant them. But planting earlier has advantages. If you’re thinking about adding roses to your garden, here is some advice that will help you get them off to a good start.
planting a rose step 1
Prune, plant roses now
(For Release On 01/29/16) It would be hard to dispute that the most popular summer-flowering shrub is the rose. Most roses need at least some annual pruning to maintain an attractive shape, remove dead wood and encourage vigorous growth and blooming.
planting a tree
Plant a tree for Arbor Day – here’s how
(For Release On 01/15/16) The third Friday in January is Arbor Day in Louisiana – a day we set aside to appreciate trees and plant them. That’s Jan. 15 this year. If you are thinking about adding some trees to your landscape, planting should ideally be done now through early March when temperatures are cool and plants will have a chance to make root growth before the weather gets hot.
Sprengeri asparagus fern
Asparagus ferns may be right for you
(For Release On 01/08/16) The name “asparagus fern” is a strange jumble of terms. These plants are neither ferns nor edible vegetables. Although not even distantly related to ferns, asparagus ferns are, however, actually closely related to edible asparagus (Asparagus officinalis). Asparagus ferns are versatile, reliable, easy to grow and useful in a variety of gardening situations.
damaged tissue
Take care of freeze-damaged plants
(For Release On 01/01/16) The relatively mild winters we have here in Louisiana allow us to grow a variety of tender tropical plants in our landscapes. They will often survive typical winters around the state, although south Louisiana gardeners have more successes, particularly if plants are provided some protection.
pruned trees
Tips for pruning in winter, early spring
(For Release On 12/25/15) Pruning is one gardening job that often is neglected because gardeners are not exactly sure what to do. There is a great deal of confusion about how to prune, when to do it and even why pruning is done. As a result, pruning is often delayed until radical and extensive pruning is required.
Take care of winter garden chores
(For Release On 12/18/15) The pace of things tends to slow down a bit this time of year in the garden. Although we may continue to plant, prepare beds, harvest winter vegetables and enjoy cool-season flowers, most gardeners find this a more relaxed time of year.
amaryllises in clay pot
Forcing amaryllis and paperwhite bulbs
(For Release On 12/11/15) Paperwhite and amaryllis are two bulbs that are popular for forcing during winter in Louisiana. Forcing bulbs means growing them to bloom earlier than they would under normal landscape conditions. Paperwhite bulbs and amaryllis bulbs are commonly available from November to late December. Forcing them to bloom during winter is not difficult, and the results are beautiful.
cut back plants
Manage tropicals in the winter landscape
(For Release On 12/04/15) As cold winter weather begins to settle in over the state, we can expect freezing temperatures in the 20s and even occasionally the teens for the next few months. And cold weather brings concerns for tropical plants in our landscapes.
Control indoor plant pests early
(For Release On 11/27/15) Insect outbreaks on indoor plants can be disastrous. Indoors, insect pests can reproduce rapidly and cause tremendous damage because of the indoor environment. There is no rain to wash them off the plants, the temperatures are never too warm or too cold, and no natural predators live inside to help control insect populations once they get started.
sweet peas
4 groups of cool-season flowers
(For Release On 11/20/15) This is the time to plant cool-season bedding plants in your flower beds. These plants will thrive in the cool to cold weather of fall to spring and keep your flower beds looking attractive.
Tips for harvesting winter vegetables
(For Release On 11/13/15) The vegetables we grow in Louisiana during the cool season are some of the most delicious and nutritious that our home gardens can produce. Many of the vegetables we planted in late summer and early fall are now ready to harvest – or will be soon. It is important to harvest vegetables at the proper stage for best results, so here are a few guidelines for some common cool-season crops.
Leslie Ann sasanqua
Leslie Ann sasanqua named Louisiana Super Plant
(For Release On 11/06/15) Various species of camellia brighten our fall, winter and spring landscapes with beautiful flowers. An outstanding Camellia sasanqua cultivar called Leslie Ann has been named a Louisiana Super Plants selection by the LSU AgCenter.
potted plants outside
Tropical plants need winter shelter
(For Release On 10/30/15) As the weather cools down and nights get nippy over the next few weeks, gardeners need to decide what to do with their outdoor container tropical plants. These beautiful plants, grown for their attractive foliage or beautiful flowers, are commonly placed outside for the summer where they provide a valuable addition to decks, patios and porches. However, these plants will not withstand freezing temperatures and must be brought inside the house for the winter.
blanching cauliflower
Grow delicious fall vegetables
(For Release On 10/16/15) Cooler mornings in October make it a joy to get out and work in the home vegetable garden. A number of delicious and nutritious vegetables will thrive in the coming cool season. Indeed, some of our favorite vegetables can only be grown in October through April in Louisiana.
Garden success comes from proper plant selection
(For Release On 10/09/15) We are entering the prime planting season for hardy trees, shrubs, ground covers and perennials in Louisiana, which runs through early March. That makes this a great time for planning landscaping projects.
Homestead Purple verbena
Homestead Purple verbena is a Louisiana Super Plant
(For Release On 10/02/15) Louisiana gardeners have long been familiar with verbenas. These generally low-growing plants produce clusters of showy flowers in a wide variety of colors. Homestead Purple verbena is considered one of the very best, and it has been selected as a Louisiana Super Plant for fall 2015.
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