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Fireworks fountain grass
Put Fireworks in your landscape
(For Release On Or After 04/24/15) An ornamental grass called Fireworks purple fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum Fireworks) has been selected by the LSU AgCenter as a Louisiana Super Plant for spring 2015. And, wow, are you going to be impressed by the colorful foliage of this grass.
Henna coleus plants
Henna coleus named Super Plant
(For Release On Or After 04/17/15) Coleuses were among the first plants I became familiar with when I started learning about plants as a teenager. I found the incredible variation of colors and patterns in the leaves fascinating. This spring, the LSU AgCenter has named Henna coleus a Louisiana Super Plants selection.
Train vines to improve appearance
(For Release On Or After 04/10/15) Vines are an amazing group of plants with enough diversity to boggle the mind of any gardener. What binds these wonderful plants together is their universal lack of strong stems. That’s right; vines are lazy plants that rely on some other plant or structure to allow them to grow upwards, or they simply run on the ground.
mulched plant
Make gardening easier with mulches
(For Release On Or After 04/03/15) Mulching is an easy-to-do labor-saving gardening technique that all gardeners should take advantage of. A mulch is a material, usually organic but sometimes inorganic, we use to cover the soil surface around plants. Mulching beds is an important part of sustainable landscaping.
tomato plant in garden
It’s time for homegrown tomatoes
(For Release On Or After 03/27/15) It’s time to plant tomato transplants into the garden, especially in south Louisiana. North Louisiana gardeners may want to wait another couple of weeks to be cautious. Early planted tomatoes produce more and higher-quality tomatoes and benefit from lower pest populations.
raised beds with vegetables
Take a look at raised-bed gardens
(For Release On Or After 03/20/15) March is a month when many gardeners begin to plant their spring vegetables. Raised beds can be the solution to a number of challenges when it comes to home vegetable gardens.
Maidenhair fern
Ferns are perfect for shady spots
(For Release On Or After 03/13/15) Almost every landscape has shady areas, and ferns are a great group of plants that are just perfect for shady spots. Early spring is a great time to plant ferns into the landscape. It allows them to settle in and get established before the heat of summer.
cat in garden
Pet friendly gardening
(For Release On Or After 03/06/15) Your landscape is there to be enjoyed by you and your family. It’s the setting for your home and provides a space for outdoor activities. Lawn areas offer a wonderful place for kids to play, and family get-togethers and parties take place on decks and patios. If your family includes pets, your landscape will likely be used by them as well.
garden sprayer
Lawns require late-winter, early-spring care
(For Release On Or After 02/27/15) Although our lawns are still dormant this month, you can begin to plan your strategy to have an attractive, healthy lawn this summer. Because the grass is still dormant, most lawns look relatively bad now, so don’t judge yours too harshly at this point.
fig tree
Figs thrive in Louisiana landscapes
(For Release On Or After 02/20/15) Figs are one of the most widely planted fruit trees in home landscapes in Louisiana. With little care, they will produce crops of juicy, sweet figs every July.
southern sugar maple
Trees benefit from fertilizer
(For Release On Or After 02/13/15) February is an excellent time to fertilize trees. Most trees are just beginning to enter a growth phase – or will within a few weeks. Fertilizing this month provides them with nutrients just when they can use them most effectively.
Try starting plants from seeds
(For Release On Or After 02/06/15) At some point, many gardeners discover seed catalogs offer a much greater selection of annual flowers and vegetables than can be found at the local nursery. To grow those wonderful plants, however, you must be able to grow your own transplants from seed.
butterfly rose
Plant roses in winter for beautiful blooms
(For Release On Or After 01/30/15) Now is an excellent time to consider adding roses to your landscape. For many gardeners, particularly those just getting into roses, a rose is a rose. But several different categories or types of roses are available, and each type includes numerous varieties.
hyacinth bean
Take a look at these vines for Louisiana landscapes
(For Release On Or After 01/23/15) No other group of plants can quite duplicate what vines do for us in the landscape. Vines can be used to provide shade, privacy, flowers, ground cover, edible or attractive fruit, fragrance and food for wildlife. It would be hard to imagine a well-planted landscape without vines somewhere. Now is a great time to plant hardy vines.
Drummond red maple
Consider the benefits of trees
(For Release On Or After 01/16/15) Arbor Day is celebrated in Louisiana each year on the third Friday in January. This date is set aside to encourage people to plant trees.
green-leaf lettuce
Grow a salad this winter
(For Release On Or After 01/09/15) Cool days and chilly nights are just the kind of weather lettuce enjoys. Lettuce is a vegetable that is easy to grow, delicious to eat and so attractive to the eye that any gardener – whether you have a vegetable garden, flower garden or even container garden on a balcony – should include it.
Bounce Pink Flame impatiens
All-America Selections winners for 2015
(For Release On Or After 01/02/15) All-America Selections is a nonprofit organization that tests newly developed varieties of seed-grown bedding plants and vegetables in garden plots all across the United States.
nuttall oak
As strong as an oak
(For Release On Or After 12/26/14) The oaks have become a part of American culture more than many other type of tree. Oaks are a symbol of strength and durability. Strong as an oak is a common comparison.
winter sky
Winter’s turning point
(For Release On Or After 12/19/14) As the earth travels around the sun in its orbit, the length of our days and nights varies from season to season. This is because the earth’s axis of rotation is tilted in respect to its plane of orbit around the sun.
Try delicious cool-season vegetables
(For Release On Or After 12/12/14) Winter vegetable gardening is tremendously rewarding. Many of the vegetables we planted earlier in the fall are ready to harvest, and it is important to harvest vegetables at their right stage for best results.
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