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Louisiana iris
It’s time to divide Louisiana irises
(For Release On 08/28/15) One of my favorite native plants is the Louisiana iris. When these plants bloom in the spring, their flowers are among the most colorful and beautiful to be found in Louisiana gardens. This time of the year, however, they may need some attention.
Plan carefully for growing plants indoors
(For Release On 08/21/15) Successfully growing houseplants starts with understanding their needs. Primary among these is light. Light is the energy plants use to create their food. You cannot grow a plant where there is not enough light, no matter how good it looks in the location.
armadillo damage
Control nine-banded armadillos
(For Release On 08/14/15) I live in an area that is rural transitioning into suburban. In many areas of the state, developers are building more and more new subdivisions in areas that were once wooded or open fields. People moving to these new subdivisions from more urban areas are often startled to encounter wildlife they never saw in the cities.
You can plant late-summer vegetables now
(For Release On 08/07/15) August is a transitional time in the vegetable garden. While cool-season planting begins in earnest next month, some of the more heat-tolerant cool-season vegetables, such as the cole crops, can be planted into the garden now.
Summer Jewel Red salvia
It’s not too late for midsummer bedding plants
(For Release On 07/31/15) If you want to boost the color in your landscape, nurseries still have a good selection of colorful bedding plants that will thrive in whatever heat the summer throws at them.
aphids on mandevilla vine
Reduce garden pest problems
(For Release On 07/24/15) Wherever you go in America, gardeners will tell you about the terrible pest problems they have to deal with. Still, it seems like we have more than our share of insects, diseases and weeds in Louisiana.
Fireworks fountain grass
Ornamental grasses add beauty with minimum effort
(For Release On 07/17/15) Ornamental grasses are an often-overlooked group of herbaceous perennials that thrive here and will add beauty to your landscape with minimum effort. This versatile group of plants is becoming increasing popular.
Seven-leaf Erythrina crista-galli
Garden for hummingbirds
(For Release On 07/10/15) Few sights are more thrilling in the garden than to see rapidly moving hummingbirds darting among the flowers. So favored are the jewel-colored birds, people put out feeders to entice them into the landscape. Even better are gardens full of plants that provide flowers bursting with the nectar hummingbirds crave.
mixed planting
Reduce landscape maintenance
(For Release On 07/03/15) This time of the year, most of us want to spend as little time outside in the heat as possible. Yet, we still want to keep our landscapes looking nice.
plants on display
A good summer landscape takes planning
(For Release On 06/26/15) Landscapes are dynamic creations that are always changing. Plants grow larger. New plants are added along the way. Plants die. Even trees may be lost in storms. Over the years, a landscape can change radically from its original look.
coral honeysuckle
Try summer-flowering vines
(For Release On 06/19/15) Summer-flowering vines can provide color, fragrance and interest to Louisiana landscapes. They can also provide screening and even shade if they are allowed to cover an overhead structure. Indeed, no other group of plants can provide the same effects as vines.
Enjoy sweet, juicy blackberries
(For Release On 06/12/15) If you picked dewberries or blackberries from the wild as a child (or adult) and miss those wonderful, shiny black fruit bursting with sweet juice, you’ll be glad to know that blackberries are easy and productive in the home garden.
Entomosporium leaf spot
Soggy soil can make plants sick
(For Release On 06/05/15) Adequate moisture is critically important to landscape plants, but too much rain or excessive watering can bring problems of its own. We’ve seen a wet spring and early summer this year, and it has caused a variety of problems. Wet soil can create stressful conditions for bedding plants, vegetables, shrubs and even trees – especially those planted this year.
tomato plant in garden
It’s time for homegrown tomatoes
(For Release On Or After 03/27/15) It’s time to plant tomato transplants into the garden, especially in south Louisiana. North Louisiana gardeners may want to wait another couple of weeks to be cautious. Early planted tomatoes produce more and higher-quality tomatoes and benefit from lower pest populations.
raised beds with vegetables
Take a look at raised-bed gardens
(For Release On Or After 03/20/15) March is a month when many gardeners begin to plant their spring vegetables. Raised beds can be the solution to a number of challenges when it comes to home vegetable gardens.
Maidenhair fern
Ferns are perfect for shady spots
(For Release On Or After 03/13/15) Almost every landscape has shady areas, and ferns are a great group of plants that are just perfect for shady spots. Early spring is a great time to plant ferns into the landscape. It allows them to settle in and get established before the heat of summer.
cat in garden
Pet friendly gardening
(For Release On Or After 03/06/15) Your landscape is there to be enjoyed by you and your family. It’s the setting for your home and provides a space for outdoor activities. Lawn areas offer a wonderful place for kids to play, and family get-togethers and parties take place on decks and patios. If your family includes pets, your landscape will likely be used by them as well.
garden sprayer
Lawns require late-winter, early-spring care
(For Release On Or After 02/27/15) Although our lawns are still dormant this month, you can begin to plan your strategy to have an attractive, healthy lawn this summer. Because the grass is still dormant, most lawns look relatively bad now, so don’t judge yours too harshly at this point.
fig tree
Figs thrive in Louisiana landscapes
(For Release On Or After 02/20/15) Figs are one of the most widely planted fruit trees in home landscapes in Louisiana. With little care, they will produce crops of juicy, sweet figs every July.
southern sugar maple
Trees benefit from fertilizer
(For Release On Or After 02/13/15) February is an excellent time to fertilize trees. Most trees are just beginning to enter a growth phase – or will within a few weeks. Fertilizing this month provides them with nutrients just when they can use them most effectively.
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