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Don’t forget to include animals in your storm plans
(Distributed 06/08/09) Your plans for a storm or other disaster need to include what you’ll do about any pets and livestock you own, as well as all the other measures to protect your family and property. LSU AgCenter experts say to make your plans early, so you can put them into play the minute a potential disaster threatens.

Experts offer suggestions for times when ‘there’s a hurricane forming’
(Distributed 06/03/09) If a hurricane is forming or looks as though it may be headed our way, experts say there are a variety of actions you can take to help protect your family and property. “If you’ve got a family disaster plan, that’s the time to pull it out and start following it,” says Pat Skinner of the LSU AgCenter. “And, even if you don’t have a family disaster plan, there are still plenty of things you can do!”

Play it safe with food; take steps to protect what’s in your refrigerator/freezer before a storm
Photo of bottle of ice in freezer

(Distributed 06/02/09) Power outages often accompany summer storms, but there are steps you can take before a storm to give the food in your refrigerator or freezer a little more time. “After a disaster, electrical power may be disrupted for hours, sometimes days,” says LSU AgCenter nutritionist and food safety expert Dr. Beth Reames. “There are things you can do to prepare for an outage which may extend the life of foods in your refrigerator or freezer.”

Hurricane season is a time for planning
(Distributed 06/01/08) It’s no surprise that experts say hurricane season is a time for planning. Making the appropriate arrangements and having good emergency plans can reduce damage to your home, help you cope during the storm and help you recover more easily after the storm, according to experts with the LSU AgCenter.

Did a tree just fly by? Check yours long before storms come
Photo of tree limbs touching house
(Distributed 05/29/09) Regularly checking the trees in your yard for damage, disease and other indications of danger is important, according to experts with the LSU AgCenter. They say the beginning of hurricane season can serve as a good reminder to do it now.
What’s a 3-day emergency food supply?
Photo of various foods
(Distributed 05/28/09) Food is a necessity for life, and as a result, a three-day emergency food supply is something you hear a lot about when hurricane season approaches. But just what is a three-day emergency food supply? LSU AgCenter nutritionist and food safety specialist Dr. Beth Reames says it involves more than just the food.
Being prepared to ‘grab and go’ can protect you from financial disaster
Example of grab and go box - big orange plastic box
(Distributed 05/27/09) Having an “evacuation box” packed and ready to go with important papers and other items can prevent financial disasters and hardships if a serious storm comes your way, according to experts with the LSU AgCenter. LSU AgCenter family economist Dr. Jeanette Tucker says there often isn’t time to gather up such items when you’re rushing to evacuate, so she recommends packing them up now and refreshing them as needed.
Get ready before a hurricane is coming!
(Distributed 05/26/09) During a hurricane, you need some supplies just to survive. But many of those supplies are hard to find if you wait until a storm is approaching. So it’s better to make sure you’ve got some of the essentials now, according to experts with the LSU AgCenter.
Are you ready for a hurricane? Ask these 20 questions to find out
Question marks graphic
(Distributed 05/25/09) Are you ready for a hurricane? LSU AgCenter housing specialist Dr. Claudette Reichel offers a 20-question quiz to help you determine just how prepared you are.