Ten LSU College of Agriculture students
Summer in Swaziland puts LSU students up close with African wildlife
(Distributed 09/03/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – Ten LSU College of Agriculture students spent two weeks in August studying African wildlife ecology in Swaziland. The students, who are all majoring in natural resources ecology and management, spent most of the study-abroad program at the Savannah Research Centre in the Mbuluzi Game Reserve.
chilli thrips damage on Indian hawthorn
Look out for chilli thrips this fall
(Distributed 09/02/15) HAMMOND, La. – As cooler fall temperatures arrive, LSU AgCenter horticulturists are observing more cases of chilli thrips damage in nursery and landscape plants.
Landscape horticulture field day set for Oct. 8
(Distributed 08/31/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – The LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station will hold its annual landscape horticulture industry field day for nursery, landscape and garden center professionals on Oct. 8.
Take advantage of volunteers in the garden
(For Release On 09/18/15) Gardeners use the term “volunteer” to describe the seedling of a desirable plant that appears in a garden without having been planted. They can be the offspring of trees and shrubs, but they’re most often the result of seeds dropped by annuals or perennials grown previously.
hyacinth bean
You can save your own seeds
(For Release On 09/25/15) Many summer-blooming annuals, perennials and vegetables are setting seeds now. You can harvest some of the seeds, store them and then grow a new crop of plants for your garden next year.
Mealybug on pink althea hibiscus
Don’t neglect late-summer gardening
(For Release On 09/04/15) For gardeners tired of the heat and longing for cooler weather, September can provide welcome relief. Cool fronts often begin to make their way this far south in September. But days in the 90s are still not uncommon, and after a long, hot summer, these last scorching days are especially hard to bear for gardeners and their landscapes.
slow-release fertilizer
Here are tips on choosing, using fertilizer
(For Release On 09/11/15) One of the most common questions I receive from gardeners is, “What kind of fertilizer should I use?” These gardeners generally assume there must be an easy answer for this if they just tell me what kind of plant they’re growing.
Baton Rouge Master Gardeners announce fall gardening programs
(Distributed 08/31/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – The East Baton Rouge Master Gardeners are presenting two programs in area libraries on Sept. 17 from 6-8 p.m. and Nov. 12 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Tecoma Bells of Fire
Tecoma – Ornamental Plant of the Week for August 31, 2015
(Distributed 08/28/15) Esperanza, also known by its scientific name Tecoma, typically comes with yellow flowers, but apricot, oranges and reds are now becoming available. A common name for this plant is yellow bells.
Treat drought-, heat-stressed plants carefully
(Distributed 08/28/15) HAMMOND, La. – What a rough July and August in Louisiana for hot temperatures and droughty conditions. The LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station in Hammond had 43 straight days of temperatures 95 or above. During that time we measured only 0.60 inches of rainfall. Similar high temperature durations and low rainfall totals were recorded across the state.
Protect yourself against mosquitoes
(Audio 08/31/15) If you're a gardener, it is important to take measures to protect yourself against mosquitoes. Apply insect repellent or wear protective clothing to ensure safety from bites. Listen for more information on repelling mosquitoes. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
LSU AgCenter joins National Clean Plant Network
(Distributed 08/27/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – The LSU AgCenter’s sweet potato Foundation Seed Program is now part of the National Clean Plant Network, a group that strives to keep specialty crops free of diseases.
Northeast La. youth field day set for Sept. 23 in Chase
(Distributed 08/26/15) CHASE, La. – The LSU AgCenter will host the second annual Northeast Region Youth Field Day at the Sweet Potato Research Station in Chase on Sept. 23.
Mike Blazier
Short-rotation trees hold promise for Louisiana landowners
(Distributed 08/25/15) POLLOCK, La. – A movement in Europe from coal to wood-fired electric generation has created a worldwide market for wood pellets, according to experts at a recent symposium.
No poultry, eggs affected by avian flu virus in Louisiana
(Distributed 08/25/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – Avian flu virus has led to a number of poultry flocks being destroyed. LSU AgCenter poultry specialist Theresia Lavergne says this has tightened supplies, but poultry meat and eggs are still available for consumers.
Improving profits will be focus of beef field day
(Distributed 08/24/15) MANGHAM, La. – Beef producers will hear ways for improving their bottom line at the annual Northeast Louisiana Beef and Forage Field Day, which is being held September 17 at Goldmine Plantation, 188 Cummins Road.
crew shoveling weevils
Researchers continue quest to rid Louisiana waterways of salvinia
(Distributed 08/24/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – The LSU AgCenter is moving its facility for growing weevils to eradicate the aquatic weed called salvinia. A location in Terrebonne Parish on the property of Michael St. Martin had been used for the past four years.
sweet potatoes
Sweet potato growers learn about varieties, management strategies at field day
(Distributed 08/21/15) DELHI, La. – Despite a rainy spring that delayed sweet potato planting, the 2015 season is shaping up well, growers learned at a field day on Aug. 20 at Black Gold Farms in Delhi.
Purple Flash ornamental pepper
Purple Flash Ornamental Pepper – Ornamental Plant of the Week for August 24, 2015
(Distributed 08/21/15) A great ornamental pepper for fall is Purple Flash.
buying shrimp
Online service helps get fresh Louisiana shrimp directly to consumers
(Distributed 08/20/15) DELCAMBRE, La. – The first week of shrimp season is providing the chance for consumers to buy shrimp off the boats here.
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