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Rice Research Station hosts leadership class
Herry Utomo presentation

(Distributed 03/26/15) CROWLEY, La. – The 2015 Rice Leadership Class toured the LSU AgCenter Rice Research Station on Thursday (March 26) to see what scientists there are doing to help rice farmers with new varieties of rice and better ways of growing it.

Stinging caterpillars coming soon to south Louisiana
buck moth caterpillar

(Distributed 03/26/15) HAMMOND, La. – The stinging caterpillars that will become buck moths are beginning to appear in south Louisiana and will be active through May.

Plant primrose for beautiful Easter flowers
Easter Colors

(Video 03/23/15) Primroses are beautiful container plants that can also be grown in cool, shady areas. These flowers are perfect for decorating during the Easter season. Watch for more information on these lovely flowering plants. (Runtime: 01:44)

Wood chopped, relationships built at conclaves
cross-cut sawing

(Distributed 03/26/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – Crosscut sawing, canoeing, duck calling and ax throwing are some of the events LSU College of Agriculture students participated in at forestry and wildlife conclaves. The conclaves are competitions among students from different universities.

Shrimpers, crabbers learn new regulations
blue crab
(Distributed 03/25/15) DELCAMBRE, La. – Shrimpers and crabbers learned about the newest regulations, techniques and equipment at a Louisiana Fisheries Forward meeting on March 24, organized by the LSU AgCenter and Louisiana Sea Grant.
Ag programs prepare high school students for college, workforce
(Distributed 03/25/15) BATON ROUGE, La. – As Louisiana educators try to prepare students for a growing number of careers in seemingly divergent fields — science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, and mechanical trades — agriculture could provide common ground for training the state’s workforce of the future.
Pests, liability, family dynamics featured at forestry forum
Glen Gentry
(Distributed 03/25/15) HAMMOND, La. – Forest landowners heard the latest updates on invasive species and other issues of importance in their industry at the Florida parishes forestry forum on March 20 in Hammond.
4-H camp teaches families about food, fitness
(Distributed 03/24/15) POLLOCK, La. – Eating right and regular exercise are critical to a healthy lifestyle. But a third component — family involvement — is just as important, children and parents learned at the 4-H Food and Fitness Camp on March 21 and 22.
4-H leadership conference brings youth together
welcoming krewe
(Distributed 03/24/15) POLLOCK, La. – Nearly 440 4-H’ers representing every parish in the state attended the 2015 Junior Leadership Conference at Grant Walker 4-H Educational Center March 13-15.
Protect your roses from thrips
(Audio 03/23/15) Thrips are tiny insects that infest the flower buds of our roses and feed on the petals. The flowers will either look brown and old, or the bud will never open. Listen for instructions on how to get rid of these pests. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Allow your tropicals to wake up from the winter
(Audio 03/23/15) Tropicals are common in Louisiana landscapes. Give your tropicals until late spring to wake up from the winter freezes. If your tropicals were killed during the winter, replant them in April or May. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Deadhead plants to maintain a fresh look
(Audio 03/23/15) Deadheading refers to the act of removing faded flowers from a plant. This can extend the plant's flowering period and maintain a fresh and neat look. Listen for more information about deadheading in your garden. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Eliminate buck moth caterpillars in your oak trees
(Audio 03/23/15) Buck moth caterpillars are primarily found feeding on oak trees. Large masses of buck moth caterpillars begin to appear by late March. Spray your trees to eliminate these caterpillars before they become a problem. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Service your lawn mower in the spring
(Audio 03/23/15) By the time March and April arrive, lawns are in active growth again. This means it's time to break out the lawn mower. Listen for more information on lawn and lawn mower maintenance. (Runtime: 60 seconds)