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Name: Howard Viator
Title: Professor & Coordinator
Department: Iberia Research Station
Organization: LSU AgCenter
Address 1: 603 LSU Bridge Road
Address 2: Jeanerette, LA 70544 - 0466
Phone Number: (337) 276-5527
Mobile: (337) 579-3686
Fax Number: (337) 276-9088


1969 - B.S., Agronomy, University of Southwestern Louisiana

1974 - M.S., Agronomy (Plant Breeding), Louisiana State University

1976 - Ph.D., Agronomy (Plant Breeding), Louisiana State University

Areas of Specialization/Research
  • Evaluation of precision farming technologies in sugarcane
  • Evaluation of the long-term effects of combine harvest residue retention in sugarcane
  • Assessment of sugarcane experimental clones in diverse environments

Professional Experience
  • Professor and Resident Coordinator (1984-present), Iberia Research Station
  • Associate Professor of Agronomy (1979-1984), Louisiana State University Agronomy Department
  • Assistant Professor of Agronomy (1976-1979), Louisiana State University Agronomy Department

Selected Recent Publications (5 years)

Hiscox, A.L., S. Flecher, J.J. Wang, and H.P. Viator.  2015.  A comparative analysis of potential impact area of common sugar cane burning methods.  Atmospheric Environment. 106:154-164.

Burks, P.S. T.J. Felderhoff, H.P. Viator and W.L. Rooney. 2013.  The influence of hybrid maturity and planting date on sweet sorghum productivity during a harvest season. Agron. J. 105(1):263-267.

Viator, H.P., Richard Johnson and Brenda Tubana.  2013.  How much fertilizer nitrogen does sugarcane need?  Sugar Journal 76(5):24-26.

Viator, H.P. and Brenda Tubana. 2012.  Evaluation of the Use of Green Manure Soybean Grown in Rotation with Sugarcane in a Sub-tropical Environment. J. Amer. Soc. Sugar Cane Tech. 32:51-60.

Lofton, J., B. Tubana, Y. Kanke, J. Teboh, H. Viator, and M. Dalen.  2012.  Estimating sugarcane yield potential using an in-season determination of normalized difference vegetative index.  Sensor 12:7529-7547.

Lofton, J., B.S. Tubana, Y. Kanke, J. Teboh and H. Viator. 2012. Predicting sugarcane response to nitrogen using a canopy reflectance-based response index value. Agron. J. 104(1):106-113.

Han, K.J., W.D. Pitman, W.M. Alison, M. Kim, D.L. Harrell, S. Viator, M.E. McCormick, K. Gravois, D.F. Day.  Agronomic considerations for sweet sorghum biofuel production in the south-central USA.  BioEnergy Research.  2012.  DOI 10.1007/s12155-012-9185-3.

Viator, S., J. Flanagan, A. Granger, B. Hebert, B. Joffrion, B. Legendre and R. Louque. 2011. Influence of soil salinity on sugarcane. Louisiana Agriculture 54(4):18.

Viator, H.P. and J.J. Wang. 2011. Effects of residue management on yield after three production cycles of a long-term sugarcane field trial in Louisiana. J. Amer. Soc. Sugar Cane Tech. 31:15-25.

Viator, H.P., et. al. 2009. The Influence of post-harvest residue management on water quality and sugarcane yield in Louisiana. J. Amer. Soc. Sugar Cane Tech. 29:1-10.

Udeigwe, T.K., J.J. Wang, H.P. Viator, and L. Gaston. 2009. Surface water quality as affected by sugarcane residue management techniques. J. of Water, Air and Soil Pollution. 208:119-128. doi:10:1007/s11270-009-0153-2.

Viator, H.P. "Sonny", et. al. 2009. Sweet sorghum for biofuel production in Louisiana. Louisiana Agriculture. 53(4):16-17.

Viator, H.P. "Sonny", Richard Johnson and Maurice Wolcott. 2008. Application of precision agriculture technologies to sugarcane. Louisiana Agriculture 51(2):40-42.

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