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Name: Eric Webster
Title: Professor
Specialization: Weed Management, Rice
Department: School of Plant, Environmental and Soil Sciences
Organization: LSU AgCenter
Address 1: 104 M. B. Sturgis Hall
Address 2: Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone Number: (225) 578-5976
Fax Number:

Ph.D. Mississippi State University, Weed Science, 1995
M.S. Auburn University, Weed Science, 1990
B.S. Auburn University, Agronomy, 1987
Areas of Specialization/Research

Integrated weed management, crop-weed competition, weed biology, herbicide persistence, and pest complexes in rice


statewide rice weed management

Professional Experience
AGRO 4071 Weed Biology and Ecology
AGRO 7041 Plant Herbicide Physiology

Hensley, J.B., E. P. Webster, D.C. Blouin, D.L. Harrell, and J.A. Bond. 2013. Response of rice to glyphosate drift. Weed Technol. 27:257-262.

Knott, C.A., E.P. Webster, and P. Nabukalu. 2013. Control of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) seedlings with four herbicides. J. Aquat. Plant Manage. 51:in press.

Levy, N.J, C.A. Knott, E. P. Webster, J.B. Hensley, D.C. Blouin, and Y. Yang. 2013. Chemical control of weeds and genetic off-types in smooth cordgrass (Spartina alternifolia) production ponds. Ecological Rest. 31(1):19-22.

Carlson, T.P., E. P. Webster, M.E. Salassi, and J.B. Hensley. 2012. Economic Evaluations of imazethapyr rates and timings. Weed Technol. 26:24-28.

Godara, R.K., B.J. Williams, E.P. Webster, J.L. Griffin, and J.P. Geaghan. 2012. Texasweed (Caperonia palustris) interference in drill-seeded rice. Weed Technol. 26:356-363.

Godara, R.K., B.J. Williams, E. P. Webster, J.L. Griffin, and D.K. Miller. 2012. Evaluation of imazosulfuron for broadleaf weed control in drill-seeded rice. Weed Technol. 26:19-23.

Hensley, J.B., E. P. Webster, D.C. Blouin, D.L. Harrell, and J.A. Bond. 2012. Impact of drift rates of imazethapyr and low carrier volume drift on non-Clearfield rice. Weed Technol. 26:236-242.

Webster, E. P., T.P. Carlson, M. E. Salassi, J. B. Hensley, and D.C. Blouin. 2012. Imazethapyr plus residual herbicide programs for imidazolinone-resistant rice. Weed Technol. 26:410-416.

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Carlson, T.P., E. P. Webster, M.E. Salassi, J.B. Hensley, and D.C. Blouin. 2011. Imazethapyr plus propanil programs in imidazolinone-resistant rice. Weed Technol. 25:204-211.

Godara, R.K., B.J. Williams, and E. P. Webster. 2011 Texasweed (Caperonia palustris) can survive and reproduce in 20-cm flood. Weed Technol. 25:667-673.

Blouin, D.C., E. P. Webster, and J.P. Bond. 2010. On a method of analysis for synergistic and antagonistic joint-action effects with fenoxaprop mixtures in rice (Oryza sativa). Weed Technol. 24:583-589.

Salassi, M.E., M.A. Deliberto, and E. P. Webster. 2009. Enterprise cost assignment and land tenure implications in crop rotation systems: A rice/crawfish rotation cost study. J. Farm Manage. and Rural Appr. 72(1):43-50.

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