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Name: Donnie Miller
Title: Professor
Department: Northeast Research Station
Organization: LSU AgCenter
Address 1: P. O. Box 438
Address 2: St. Joseph, LA 71366
Phone Number: (318) 766-3769
Fax Number:


1996 - Ph.D., Plant Health (Weed Science), LSU
1993 - M.S., Plant Health (Weed Science), LSU
1990 - B.S., Agronomy, University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Areas of Specialization/Research

Major Areas of Research Interest:

  • Weed management evaluation in cotton, soybean, and sweet potato
  • Defoliation efficacy evaluation in cotton
  • Refining integrated pest management strategies
  • Weed biology
  • Pest/Crop management chemical interactions
  • Conservation tillage systems weed control
  • Weed management with transgenic technology
  • Reduced input weed management
  • Weed resistance identification and management

Teaching activities:

  • Adjunct Faculty member, LSU School of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences
  • Affiliate member, LSU Graduate Faculty
  • Ph. D. advisory committee member (16 students)
  • M. S. advisory committee member (8 students)
  • Graduate student committee chair (5 M. S. Students)
Professional Experience

July 2009 - present: Professor, LSU AgCenter Northeast Research Station
May 2012-present: Research Coordinator, LSU AgCenter Macon Ridge Research Station
March 2004 - present: Research Coordinator, LSU AgCenter Northeast Research Station
July 2002 - June 2009: Associate Professor, LSU AgCenter Northeast Research Station
July 1996 - June 2001: Assistant Professor, LSU AgCenter Northeast Research Station
June 1995 - June 1996: Research Associate, Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, LSU
May 1993 - August 1993: Research Associate, Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, LSU
May 1991 - Aug. 1995: Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, LSU
1989 - 1992: Technical Service Assistant, American Cyanamid Co. (Summer Employment).


Honors & Awards:

  • LSU AgCenter John Baker Professorship for Excellence in Weed Science (2010)
  • Southern Weed Science Society Outstanding Young Weed Scientist Nominee (2007& 2008)
  • LSU AgCenter Rogers Research Excellence Award Recipient (2006)
  • LSU AgCenter Internal Leadership Program Graduate (2008)
  • LEAD 21 National Leadership Development Program Graduate (2007)
  • Alpha Alpha Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi Team Award Recognition for Concordia Parish Level-Basin Cotton Program (2006) 
  • National Excellence in Multistate Research Award, National Sweet Potato Collaborators Conference, Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges (2013)
  • Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Directors Southern Region Nominee for National Excellence in Multistate Research Award, Project # SERA-005, Sweet Potato Collaborators Conference (2013)
  • LSU AgCenter Tipton Team Research Award Recipient (2012)
  • Southern IPM Center 2011 Friends of Southern IPM Pulling Together Finalist, LSU AgCenter Sweet Potato IPM Team

Grants & Contracts:

  • Industry funding: ($1.373 mil)
  • In-kind support: ($925,000)
  • Commodity boards (Soybean, cotton, sweet potato): ($812,945)
  • USDA/CSREES: ($2.8 mil)
  • LDAF Specialty Crops Block Grant: ($136,440)
  • LDEQ: ($313,752)

Recent Publications:

Refereed Journal Articles (51 total)

Griffin, J. L., M. Bauerle, D. O. Stephenson IV, D. K. Miller and J. Boudreaux. 2013. Soybean Response to Dicamba Applied at Vegetative and Reproductive Growth Stages Weed Technol. 27:696-703.

Orgeron, A. J., J. L. Griffin, B. L. Legendre, K. A. Gravois, D. K. Miller, and M. J. Pontif. 2013. AG47 trinexapac-ethyl: will it increase early season sugar accumulation?. J. Am. Soc. Sugarcane Technol. 28:1-11.

Stephen L. Meyers, Katherine M. Jennings, David W. Monks, Donnie K. Miller and Mark W. Shankle. 2013. Rate and Application Timing Effects on Tolerance of Covington Sweetpotato to S-metolachlor. Weed Technol. 27:729-734.

Godara, R.K., B.J. Williams, E.P. Webster, J.L. Griffin, and D.K. Miller. 2012. Evaluation of imazosulfuron for broadleaf weed control in drill-seeded rice. Weed Technol. 26:19-23.

Griffin, J. L., P. A. Clay, J. M. Ellis, D. K. Miller, C. F. Grymes, and J. E. Hanks. 2012. Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) control in sugarcane with glyphosate and a hooded sprayer. J. Am. Sugarcane Technol. 32:38-50.

Miller, D. K., D. O. Stephenson, and D. C. Blouin. 2012. Glufosinate-resistant cotton tolerance to combinations of glufosinate wtih insecticides and mepiquat chloride. Journal of Cotton Science. 16:125-128.

Griffin, J. L., R. E. Strahan, D. K. Miller, and K. R. Lejeune. 2010. Tillage effects on itchgrass seedling emergence and changes in the seed soil reservoir. J. Am. Soc. of Sugarcane Technol. 30:81-88.

Miller, D. K., R. G. Downer, and D. O. Stephenson IV. 2010. Impact of mixing an aqueous capsule suspension formulation of pendimethalin and glyphosate on growth and yield of second-generation glyphosate-resistant cotton. Journal of Cotton Science. 14:181-185.

Miller, D. K., R. G. Downer, and D. O. Stephenson IV. 2010. Interactive effects of tank-mixed application of insecticide, glyphosate, and pendimethalin on growth and yield of second-generation glyphosate-resistant cotton. Journal of Cotton Science. 14:186-190.

Griffin, J. L., J. M. Boudreaux, and D. K. Miller. 2010. Herbicides as harvest aids. Weed Sci. 58:355-358.

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Scroggs, D. M., D. K. Miller, A. M. Stewart, B. R. Leonard, J. L. Griffin, and D. C. Blouin. 2009. Weed response to foliar co-applications of glyphosate and zinc sulfate. Weed Technol. 23:171-174.

Louisiana Agriculture (Publication of the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station) 28 total

Stephenson, D. O., J. L. Griffin, and D. K. Miller. 2011. Battling Herbicide-Resistant Weeds. 54:24-25.

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