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Name: Arthur Villordon
Title: Professor
Department: Sweet Potato Research Station
Organization: LSU AgCenter
Address 1: P. O. Box 120, 130 Sweet Potato Road
Address 2: Chase, LA 71324
Phone Number: (318) 435-2155
Fax Number: (318) 435-2110


• Ph.D. Horticulture – Louisiana State University, 1995
• M.S. Plant Breeding – University of the Philippines at Los Baños, 1989
• B.S. Agriculture – Visayas State College of Agriculture, 1983

Areas of Specialization/Research

An integrated approach to sweetpotato production research that incorporates the fundamental basis of storage root formation as key to the development of better management practices. Current areas of investigation include:

• Development of model-based decision support tools for optimum storage root production under various agroclimatic conditions.
• Integration of sensor-derived information in management decision making.
• Increased production efficiency through a storage root phenology-based optimization of irrigation, nutrient, and tillage inputs.
• Understanding root architecture and storage root development responses to low nutrient, drought, and flooding conditions.
• Evaluation of preharvest cultural practices that contribute to improved storability.


Recent publications:

Villordon, A., D. LaBonte, J. Solis, and N. Firon. 2012. Characterization of Lateral Root Development at the Onset of Storage Root Initiation in ‘Beauregard’ Sweetpotato Adventitious Roots. HortScience 47:961-968.

Villordon, A. R.Sheffield, J. Rojas, and Y. Chiu. 2011. Development of simple Bayesian belief and decision networks as interactive visualization tools for determining optimal in-row spacing for 'Beauregard' sweetpotato. HortScience 46:1588-1597.

Villordon, A., D. LaBonte, and J. Solis. 2011. Using a scanner-based Minirhizotron System to Characterize Sweetpotato Adventitious Root Development During the Initial Storage Storage Root Bulking Stage. HortScience 46:948-949.

LaBonte, D., C.A. Clark, T.P. Smith, and A.Q.Villordon. 2011. 'Bonita' Sweetpotato. HortScience 46:948-949.

Villordon, A., J. Solis, C. Clark, and D. Labonte. 2010. Development of a prototype Bayesian network model representing the relationship between fresh market yield and some agroclimatic variables known to influence storage root initiation in sweetpotato. HortScience 45:1167-1177.

Villordon, A., C. Clark, T. Smith, D. Ferrin, and D. Labonte. 2010. Combining linear regression and machine learning approaches to identify consensus variables related to optimum sweetpotato transplanting date. HortScience 45:684-686.

Yada, B., P. Tukamuhabwa, A. Villordon, A. Alajo, and R.O.M Mwanga. 2010. An online database of sweetpotato germplasm collection in Uganda. HortScience 45:153.

Clark, C. A., Smith, T. P., Ferrin, D. M., and Villordon, A. Q. 2010. Performance of sweetpotato foundation seed after incorporation into commercial operations in Louisiana. HortTechnology 20:977-982.

Villordon, A., D.R. LaBonte, N. Firon, Y. Kfir, E. Pressman, and A. Schwartz. 2009. Characterization of adventitious root development in sweetpotato. HortScience 44:651-655.

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Villordon, A., C. Clark, D. Ferrin, and D. Labonte. 2009. Using growing degree days, agrometeorological variables, linear regression, and data mining methods to help improve prediction of sweetpotato harvest date in Louisiana. HortTechnology 19:133-144.

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La Bonte, D.R., C.A. Clark, A.Q. Villordon, P.W. Wilson, and C.S. Stoddard. 2008. Murasaki-29 sweetpotato. HortScience 43: 1895-1896.
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