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Bienvelle J.E.T.
Please join in our blogging to discuss the Jurors Empowering Teens Program and how it is helping you and your peers that are in your J.E.T. class. Share tips and ideas you are learning about in your workplace and in the classroom on financial management, workforce preparedness, and exploring careers! Share ideas on creating your budgets, your financial plans, your savings plan, your investing plan, your job searches, interview tips, and your life goals! Talk about positive things that are happening in your workday and what job skills you are actually learning. Share insights you gained from Louisiana Technical College and university tours that may help you continue your education. We also invite past J.E.T. students to join in and let us know how J.E.T. has inspired you and where you are on your career path! Stay in touch with new friends and share new experiences of the work world! Let’s help each other along the way!

4-H Helpful Hints
4-H Helpful Hints is a blog for 4-H adult volunteers and other youth development workers who are interested in information about educational program ideas, delivery methods, and trainings available.

Louisiana Agritourism
Join our conversation about agritourism in Louisiana. Informative information from the LSU AgCenter will be posted on the blog to assist agritourism professionals in developing or expanding their agritourism ventures.

The Southern Garden
LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill provides expert advice on the issues you are seeing in your southern garden today.

Louisiana Plant Pathology Blog
Information pertaining to diseases of horticultural plants in Louisiana.

Rice Insects Blog
Dr. Natalie Hummel provides information to the Louisiana rice industry about the rice Extension Entomology program.

Food, Family & Fitness Blog
Experts from the LSU AgCenter’s Southeast Region invite you to read and discuss all things relating to food, family, and fitness. This blog has been designed as a forum for individuals to exchange information, answer questions, and share ideas and other useful resources.

Urban Extension Happenings
Urban outreach opportunities as well as program impacts will be shared through this interactive blog.

Stumpage Speak
Through this blog you will have access to announcements, the latest forestry publications, information on upcoming short courses and workshops, quarterly price report updates, and occasional press releases on important forestry topics.

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