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LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens at Burden
Trees and Trails

The LSU AgCenter Botanic Gardens is an oasis for garden and nature lovers. In addition to serving as a horticultural research center, it is also a destination for visitors to Baton Rouge and Louisiana as part of the Burden Museum & Gardens.

4-H’ers Learn Marsh Maneuvers
air boat ride

Teach the young about the value of Louisiana’s coastline and marshes, and they’ve learned a lesson for a lifetime. That’s the philosophy behind the LSU AgCenter’s annual series of Marsh Maneuvers camps. They’re unique opportunities to mix fun with education – and in the end, help save our coast.

LSU AgCenter Goes Global
Panama group

Agriculture is essential to the life of every person in every country of the world. Through its International Programs office, the LSU AgCenter takes its mission of innovating, educating and improving lives worldwide while improving research and extension efforts here at home.

Get Ready for Gardening
Autumn Lilac azalea

Get ready for spring gardening by attending one of the LSU AgCenter-sponsored shows. Experts will be at all the shows giving advice, making presentations and answering your questions.

Food Incubator gets products to market
Kelly Woo
The LSU AgCenter Food Incubator is a one-stop resource center for people looking to break into the food business and put sellable, high-quality products on store shelves. The incubator puts within reach of entrepreneurs the tools to test, produce, package and market foods.
Kids Learn As Animals Grow
In a busy show barn, cows and pigs might be all spectators notice. But the young people who raise and train the animals are evidence that there is more than meets the eye at the LSU AgCenter's Livestock Show, which is Feb. 8-15 at the Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales.
Learn from LaHouse
Framed by stucco arches and topped with a red tile roof, LaHouse looks a lot like many buildings on LSU's campus. On the inside, however, it is far from the norm. The LSU AgCenter LaHouse Home and Landscape Resource Center is a permanent sustainable housing and development educational exhibit and outreach program.
AgMagic at the State Fair
Do you think food, clothing, lumber and other products only come from a store? Come to AgMagic at the State Fair to see and learn where your food and fiber really come from. Visitors will enter the world of agriculture and follow a path that leads to knowledge in wildlife, crops, livestock, nutrition and 4-H.
Diet can help prevent breast cancer
pink ribbon banner
Pink abounds in October during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women in the United States.
School success starts with healthy habits
It is not unusual for healthy habits to take a back seat to summer activities. Youngsters may stay up later and sleep in more. But with schools in session again, LSU AgCenter nutritionist Denise Holston-West says parents should reestablish good habits.
Citrus canker disease threatens Louisiana trees
citrus canker disease leaves
Citrus canker, a disease that causes fruit to drop off trees prematurely, has been detected in Louisiana for the first time since the 1940s. LSU AgCenter scientists and agents are working to halt the spread and save Louisiana’s popular industry.
Master Gardener program continues to grow
Master Gardeners in Tangipahoa
Master Gardeners have made life easier for LSU AgCenter agents and gardening enthusiasts in Louisiana for almost 20 years. “The work they do for the gardening program helps the AgCenter expand those programs and reach a larger group of people,” said coordinator Rene' Schmit.
Get ready for a hurricane
cattle flooded
To prepare for hurricane season you need to gather supplies and makes plans for your survival and that of your animals, both pets and livestock. Following are guidelines and resources to help you.
Youth Wetlands Week April 21-27: Louisiana youth learn to save America’s treasure
plant the tree
To educate young people on the importance of Louisiana wetlands, the LSU AgCenter’s Youth Wetlands Program offers free science curricula for grades four through 12. The educational materials include lessons and activities and educational videos highlighting careers in wetland-related fields.