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William B. Richardson, Director, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service

The Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service takes a lot of pride in having faculty members in every parish of the state who live and work with the people they serve. Even so, we know there are times at night and on weekends when you need answers immediately. That is why I believe the Internet is taking our organization to the next level of information delivery.

The popular term 24-7 fits the Internet exactly. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you can get to a computer with Internet access, you can get to a great deal of our information, and we are doing everything possible to make more of our information even easier to obtain.

I hope you will bookmark this page and visit often. I think you will find something useful every time you visit. If you have the opportunity to stop by your parish office of the Cooperative Extension Service, please do so. Our goal is to bring the land-grant university to the people.

William B. Richardson
LSU Vice President for Agriculture and Dean of College of Agriculture,
Chalkley Family Endowed Chair and
Director, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service
LSU AgCenter

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