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The LSU Agricultural Center Policy Statement (AG CENTER PS) series is established to provide a uniform method for informing AgCenter employees of newly established policies or to clarify existing directives or regulations.

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Related Files
FilenameDescriptionFile Size
ps01.pdf PS-1 Policy Statements 4.10 KB
ps02.pdf PS-2 Housing 4.68 KB
ps-2-Housing+Agreement.pdf PS-2 Attachment: Housing Agreement Form 15.52 KB
ps03.pdf PS-3 Internal Auditing 6.23 KB
ps04.pdf PS-4 Soliciting 3.78 KB
ps05-[09-10].pdf PS-5 - Holiday Schedule for 2009-2010 10.35 KB
ps05-[10-11].pdf PS-5 - Holiday Schedule for 2010-2011 10.34 KB
ps05-[11-12].pdf PS-5 - Holiday Schedule for 2011-2012 10.36 KB
ps05-[12-13].doc PS-5 Holiday Schedule for 2012-2013 27.00 KB
ps05-[13-14].pdf PS-5 - Holiday Schedule for 2013-2014 9.77 KB
ps05-[14-15].pdf PS-5 Holiday Schedule for 2014-2015 11.53 KB
ps05-[15-16].pdf PS-5 Holiday Schedule for 2015-2016 11.58 KB
ps06.pdf PS-6 Elected or Appointed Positions 6.52 KB
ps07.pdf PS-7 Confidentiality of Personnel Records 7.30 KB
ps08.pdf PS-8 Transient Employees 9.03 KB
ps09.pdf PS-09 Nepotism 12.20 KB
ps10.pdf PS-10 Performance Planning and Review System for Classified Personnel 19.59 KB
ps11.pdf PS-11 Funds for Entertainment 88.99 KB
ps12.pdf PS-12 Alcohol Use In-On Agricultural Center Facilities/Properties 10.77 KB
ps13.pdf PS-13 Facilities and Administrative Costs Rebate Procedure 62.27 KB
ps14.pdf PS-14 Rewritten as PS-24 5.68 KB
ps15.pdf PS-15 Violence-Free Workplace 11.82 KB
ps16.pdf PS-16 Misconduct in Research 14.16 KB
ps17.pdf PS-17 Evaluation of Faculty on Overseas Assignment 9.90 KB
ps18.pdf PS-18 Use of Drugs or Alcohol 27.56 KB
PS-19.pdf PS 19 Sexual Harassment Policy 89.74 KB
ps20.pdf PS-20 Grievance Procedure 18.64 KB
grievance-fm.pdf PS-20 Attachment: Grievance Form 120.22 KB
PS-21-v2.pdf PS-21 Animal Use 8.35 KB
ps22.pdf PS-22 Intellectual Property and Royalties 88.06 KB
ps23.pdf PS-23 Equal Opportunity in Employment and Programs 25.23 KB
ps24.pdf PS-24 Associates 86.64 KB
ps25.pdf PS-25 Employee Tuition and Fee Exemption 17.17 KB
coursewk.pdf PS-25 Attachment: Coursework Request Form 108.55 KB
ps26.pdf PS-26 Outside Employment 7.03 KB
PM11form.pdf PS-26 Attachment: PM-11 Form 14.67 KB
ps27.pdf PS-27 International Training 5.93 KB
ps28.pdf PS-28 International Travel 125.98 KB
ps-29.pdf PS-29 Prevention of Financial Bias in Research 234.19 KB
Fin-Dis-Sum.pdf PS-29 Attachment: LSU Agricultural Center Significant Financial Interests Disclosure Policy - Summary 12.08 KB
Fin-Dis-Form.pdf PS-29 Attachment: LSU Agricultural Center Significant Financial Interests Disclosure Form 12.27 KB
ps30.pdf PS-30 Conferences, Workshops, etc. 93.07 KB
ps31.pdf PS-31 Equipment Management 82.98 KB
equipfm.pdf PS-31 Attachment: Equipment Inventory Action Form 69.88 KB
ps32.pdf PS-32 Computer Hardware/Software Management 92.91 KB
ps33.pdf PS-33 Occupational and Environmental Safety 12.68 KB
ps34.pdf PS-34 Medical Certification 11.55 KB
Medical.pdf PS-34 Attachment: Medical Certification for Sick and/or FMLA-Covered Leave 13.01 KB
ps36.pdf PS-36 Use of Agricultural Center Funds to Reimburse Moving Expenses 3.94 KB
PS-35.pdf PS-35 Student Wage Guidelines 15.24 KB
ps37.pdf PS-37 Return-To-Work Policy 6.96 KB
ps38.PDF PS-38 Procedures for Dismissal of Tenured Faculty Members 18.07 KB
ps39.pdf PS-39 Performance Review of Faculty 10.45 KB
ps41.pdf PS-41 Plant and Animal Genetic Engineering 8.26 KB
ps40.pdf PS-40 Expired Fixed Price Agreements 6.35 KB
PS42-Interim-Revision-4.pdf PS-42 Promotion and Tenure 101.50 KB
ps43.pdf PS-43 Holding a Political Office or Appointment 63.84 KB
ps44.pdf PS-44 Membership in Professional and Scientific Organizations 80.55 KB
ps45-Version1.pdf PS-45 Version1 Wireless Mobile Communication Devices 134.36 KB
ps45-form.pdf PS-45 Personnel Wireless Communication Stipend Request Form 146.35 KB
ps46.pdf PS-46 Faculty Job Descriptions 8.94 KB
ps46-A.pdf PS-46 Appendix A: Outline for Tenure-Track Faculty Job Description 12.87 KB
ps46-form.pdf PS-46 Attachment: Faculty Job Description Form 277.00 KB
ps46-B.pdf PS-46 Appendix B: Outline for an Extension Agent Faculty Job Description 11.39 KB
ps46-form.doc PS-46 Attachment: Faculty Job Description Form (MS Word format) 102.50 KB
ps-47.pdf PS-47 Use of AgCenter Information Technology Resources 35.21 KB
PS-48-Graduate-Assistantships.pdf PS-48 Graduate Assistantships 42.67 KB
PS-48-Graduate-Assistantship-Stipends.pdf PS-48 Assistantship Stipends 39.11 KB
ps49.pdf PS-49 - Smoking & Tobacco Use 169.00 KB
list.pdf 25.24 KB
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