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International Programs and the LSU Flagship Agenda

How LSU AgCenter International Programs promotes and contributes to the LSU Flagship Agenda

The LSU National Flagship Agenda

  • Attract highly productive faculty and excellent students.
  • Improve the quality of campus life.
  • Provide innovative learning experiences that complement and enhance academic programs.
  • Produce highly competitive graduates.
  • Increase diversity in student and faculty population.

LSU AgCenter’s International Programs contributes to the Flagship Agenda through its work to facilitate the mobility of students and faculty around the world. Enhancing intercultural learning experiences, international leadership, and multinational collaboration and partnerships on our campus will attract highly productive faculty and excellent students at all levels.

By providing international programs and opportunities that foster diversity, International Programs raises cross-cultural awareness and understanding in our university community and beyond.

International exchanges for faculty provide opportunities for intellectual and personal growth and internationalization of the curriculum. Research agreements allow access to specialized research facilities worldwide and simultaneous, collaborative efforts with investigators from several countries. As a result, new perspectives in teaching and/or research contribute both to faculty’s personal knowledge and understanding of the world and to that of the students they teach.

LSU AgCenter International Programs establishes and maintains cooperative agreements with U.S. and foreign universities and project partners. These agreements serve as the vehicle for scholar, faculty, and research projects.  The department also provides the logistical and administrative support for international projects.

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