Operations/ Processing
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Employment Packet - Folder #1 - General Employment Forms
This section contains links to the general employment forms required for processing appointments.
Employment Packet - Folder #4 - Supplemental Benefits
This section includes forms and instructions for the miscellaneous benefits offered by the AgCenter which are not included in Folder 2 and 3.
Employment Packet - Folder #5 - Alien Tax Information
This section is to be completed by all employees who are non-U.S. citizens for purposes of fulfilling the tax reporting obligations and complying with the tax laws.
Supervisor's Employment Packet
Adding page for links to supervisor's packets.
Employment Packet - Folder #3 - Medical and (State) Life Insurance
Contains documents to be completed by new employees to enroll in medical and/or life insurance programs.
Student, Transient and Graduate Assistant Processing
This section includes the processing guidelines and links to the required documents.
Employment Packets
This sections provides a listing of and a link to the employment documents required for each type of appointment.
Employment Packet - Folder #2 - Retirement Enrollment - Academic & Non-classified Employees
Contains the forms required for enrolling in a retirement program.
Employment Packet - Folder #2 - Retirement Enrollment - Classified Employees
This section provides the forms and instructions for selection a retirement plan.