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Chancellor's Message - The LSU AgCenter Chancellor's statement regarding our continuing efforts to be a multicultural and multiracial organization. 

 -  A monthly calendar of holidays and celebrations is provided in this section.

Dictionary - Provides an alphabetical listing of diversity related words and phrases in the form of a dictionary.

Diversity Brochure - A brochure available for recruiting and promoting the AgCenter.

EEO/AA  - Roles and responsibilities for maintaining civil rights/affirmative action compliance in extension education/research programs and employment for the LSU AgCenter.  The link takes you directly to the EEO section of the AgCenter HRM website.

Jobs  - This link directs you to the LSU AgCenter's Employment Opportunities. 

- Follow this link to a listing of all the LSU AgCenter Policy Statements.

Resources - This section includes links to various resources which provide additional information about Diversity.

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