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Summary of Insurance Plans

Health Insurance
Optional medical coverage is provided under the Office of Group Benefits Program umbrella and available to eligible employees. This section provides a breakdown of each option available including rates and a comparison of plan benefits. 

Life Insurance  - Group term-life insurance plans are offered by the LSU Agricultural Center through Prudential and The Hartford for eligible employees. This section explains the amounts of coverage available and the rates associated with each plan.

Accident Insurance  - Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance underwritten by the Hartford Financial Services Group is available to eligible employees. Click here for eligibility criteria and amounts of insurance coverage available.

Dental Plan - Two dental plans are offered through Dearborn National for eligible employees. This section provides rates and levels of coverage available. 

Disability Income Insurance
- This section explains the coverage available to eligible employees for affordable financial protection against a disabling illness or injury. 

Long-Term Care - This insurance plan through UNUM provides benefits to eligible employees and their families when the type of care required involves the activities of daily living due to an accident, illness or advancing age.

Vision Plan
 - The Davis Vision Plan is a primary vision care benefit and is intended to cover only eye examinations and corrective eyewear. Click here for levels of coverage available.

Other Insurance Related Areas

Medicare Coverage - Information relative to medicare coverage is provided in this section.

Schedule of Employee Benefits - Click here  to view the brochure which provides an overview of the major benefits offered by the LSU AgCenter.

Retiree Resources - This section provides information on who to contact and what forms to complete in the event of an address change or a change in family status which affects insurance and/or retirement benefits.

Tax Saver Flexible Benefits Plan - This section provides information relative to the opportunity for employees to participate in the Premium Only Plan and/or the two Spending Account Plans (medical and dependent care) which results in tax savings.  For example: with the two Spending Account Plans employees set aside a portion of their pay in a health care account on a before-tax basis to pay for uninsured or nonreimbursable health care expenses such as deductibles, co-payments, orthodontia, eyeglasses and routine checkups.

Worker's Compensation - An insurance program paid by the LSU AgCenter and designed to protect employees from loss of income due to injuries sustained in the scope of their employment.

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