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Ways to Connect for Military Families


When a loved one is deployed in the military, staying connected can be difficult. The Internet makes staying in touch easier. Below are resources for helping you stay connected to those who are in the military and abroad.

In addition to these websites, there are many applications that can help you stay in touch. Storytime Apps on ipads or iphones allow you to read any story you choose with your child. You can play online games together, send a voice message or create an online scrapbook on Flickr.

Ways to Connect:


Stay connected with video chat and instant messaging on Skype. http://www.skype.com


Help your child with homework or do artwork together in real time over the Internet. http://scriblink.com/


Upload pictures and create an online scrapbook.


Social networking has never been easier. Keep in touch by sending messages, posting pictures, instant messaging, and more. http://www.facebook.com/

Vizit Me

Share photos with anyone from anywhere over the mobile network. Send your photos from your camera phone or digital photo collection (stored on your computer or on other websites) to Vizit, and these special moments are instantly framed. Friends and family members are brought together as they are simultaneously included in sharing in the moment, cherishing new photos. http://vizitme.com/index.php

Military Families Near and Far

This website allows you to make a family scrapbook, create artwork, collaborate to make a family page together, post messages and comments, use characters from Sesame Street to stay connected. http://www.familiesnearandfar.org/howto/families/


Create an online calendar and share it with a loved one to keep in touch. http://cofamilies.com/

Military Kids Connect

Kids with parents in the military can share their experiences with other kids dealing with deployment. The site includes message boards, videos and activities to help kids deal with deployment. https://www.militarykidsconnect.org/

To find out more about what’s happening in Louisiana for your military children, contact your local parish LSU AgCenter Cooperative Extension office or the LSU AgCenter 4-H state office. Ask about our 4-H Military Partnerships Program throughout Louisiana. View the following websites www.LSUagcenter.comhttp://www.4-hmilitarypartnerships.org/ ; www.operationmilitarykids.org

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