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The Louisiana 4-H program is committed to developing leadership skills in both youth. One of the methods in which leadership skills are developed and enhanced is through the State 4-H Leadership Board experience. More than 80 youth serve on one of four statewide youth leadership teams including the Executive Committee, Fashion Board, Food and Fitness Board, and the SET Board. These Leadership Boards give youth the opportunity to work together on a common focus while developing leadership for statewide programs. The youth serving on these boards provide valuable leadership and guidance to the positive direction of the 4-H program.

For the past two years, Board Members have evaluated their State Leadership Board experience through an online survey. Youth who have served on the board has indicated the following:

  • 100% increased their knowledge of 4-H opportunities.
  • 100% mastered skills related to the Board they served on.
  • 100% were able to think independently.
  • 100% have a positive feeling about their future.
  • 97% increased their subject matter knowledge related to the Board they served on.
  • 97% mastered leadership skills.
  • 97% improved their ability to communicate with others.
  • 91% felt their state board experience was excellent.

Youth had the following to say about their Leadership Board Experience:

“I met so many new people and I felt that my voice and ideas were really heard. It was the greatest leadership experience yet.”

“The lessons I learned have helped me to lead my club in a positive direction.”

“I had the opportunity to help out my parish’s 4-H program from my knowledge gained from the board. This includes using my leadership skills, teaching younger students about my experiences on the board, and using my public speaking skills that I attained from the board by serving as a junior leader at parish events.”

Citizenship Board
State 4-H Citizenship Board
“Hands to larger service” is an integral part of the 4-H experience. The State 4-H Citizenship Board is a group of teen leaders working to promote service and citizenship across Louisiana.
4-H Performing Arts Image
4-H Performing Arts Troupe
Complete an application if you are interested in the 4-H Performing Arts Board
SET Board at Crime Lab
4-H Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Board
The SET Board is a youth leadership opportunity for teens interested in various SET-related projects.
State Leadership Board Application
Applications for teens interested in serving on the Executive, Food and Fitness, Citizenship, SET or Fashion teen leadership boards.
fashion camp 2015
Fashion Camp 2015
Ninety-two 4-H members and adult volunteers from across the state partied with the State 4-H Fashion Board at this year’s Fashion Camp held January 24-25, 2015.
Fall Newsletter
What's the Latest?
Follow the Citizenship Board and see what they are doing this year!
2014 Fashion Camper
2014 Fun At Fashion Camp
March 22-23, 2014, 4-H agents, 4-H members, and adult volunteer leaders traveled from all over the state to 4-H Camp Grant Walker in Pollock, Louisiana, to “Style the Globe” at the annual State 4-H Fashion Camp.
SET Board helps restore Louisiana coastline
Louisiana 4-H SET board members worked over the weekend to install 1000 feet of sand fence at Holly Beach. 4-H members were highlighted in several news articles and on television.
Food & Fitness Board Conducts Outreach Efforts
Pictures of 2009-10 Food & Fitness Board members conducting outreach efforts.