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AgroWorld Teen Scene
AgroWorld Teen Scence

Learn about the science behind agriculture. Check out science fair ideas and career opportunities. Click on "Edutainment & Games" for virtual tours, games and videos.

Veterinarian Careers
VetCareers YouTube Channel

Ever wanted to be a veterinarian? Would you like to apply, but you've been told it's too difficult? Need more information? These 3- t0 4-minute videos will give you a flavor of the wide range of jobs you could enjoy as a qualified vet... It's not all about cats and dogs! Hear from the vets themselves as they describe their typical day, and listen to the experiences of some current vet students.Veterinary science...it's for all walks of life!

Baseball – More Than A Pastime
The baseball season invokes the familiar clichés, "America's favorite pastime" and "all-American as mom and apple pie." But is there more to the sport than recreation? Young people who participated in sports activities during their high school years were more likely than nonsport participants to have volunteered.