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4-H University Study Guides

These materials will help 4-H University contestants prepare for their contests.
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FilenameDescriptionFile Size
2014-Child-Development--Study-Guide.pdf Child Development Study Guide 364.59 KB
2014-Consumer-Decision-Making-Study-Guide.pdf Consumer Decision Making Study Guide 1,451.58 KB
2014-Fashion---Designer's-Choice-Elements-and-Principles-of-Fashion-Design.pdf Elements and Principles of Fashion Design 535.17 KB
2014-Fashion---Designer's-Choice-elements-principles-in-Selected-Clothing.pdf Elements and Principles in Selected Clothing 59.73 KB
2014-Fashion---Designer's-Choice-Elements-principles-of-design-ppt.pdf Elements and Principles of Design ppt 1,104.70 KB
2014-Fashion---Designer's-Choice-Exploring-elements-and-principles-of-design.pdf Exploring Elements and Principles of Design 239.22 KB
2014-Fashion---Designer's-Choice-Sketching-Samples.pdf Sketching 3,099.16 KB
2014-Fashion---Designer's-Choice-Signature-look-definition-and-excercise-rev.pdf Signature Look 880.99 KB
Training-for-contests-4-H-U-Fashion-Revue.pdf Training for Fashion Revue 2,339.74 KB
2014-Fishing-Sports-Study-Guide.pdf Fishing Sports 511.06 KB
2014-LA-Chef-Study-Guide_-Part-1.pdf LA CHEF Study Guide Part 1 147.18 KB
2014-LA-Chef-Study-Guide_-Part-2.pdf LA CHEF Study Guide Part 2 492.40 KB
2014-LA-Chef-Study-Guide_-Part-3.pdf LA CHEF Study Guide Part 3 57.99 KB
2014-Meat-ID-contest-SG.pdf Meat ID Study Guide 3,374.55 KB
2014-Next-Healthy-4-H-Food-Star-Handbook.pdf Next 4-H Food Star Handbook 918.24 KB
2014-Plant-Science-Study-Guide-1.pdf Plant Science Study Guide 1 998.73 KB
2014-Plant-Science-Study-Guide-2.pdf Plant Science Study Guide 2 1,381.20 KB
2014-Plant-Science-Study-Guide-3.pdf Plant Science Study Guide 3 1,779.73 KB
Solutions-Unlimited-Study-Guide.pdf Solutions Unlimited Study Guide 254.34 KB
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