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Fitness Frenzy
4-H'ers get moving at Fitness Frenzy.

Everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle, so why not join the Fitness Frenzy? This Clover College track was for those who want to learn about all the different ways you can exercise your body to get it in shape.

Info U: Developing Your Personal Brand with Information Skills and Social Media
Info U presenter

Info U: Developing Your Personal Brand with Information Skills and Social Media was a new track that makes the participants aware of their social media activity and how it could follow them for the rest of their lives.

Health Professions 101: So Much More Than Doctors and Nurses
Image: Youth visit Our Lady of the Lake Hospital.

Youth received a tour of Our Lady of the Lake Hospital where they met with a radiology technician, respiratory therapist, physician assistant, clinical laboratory science, health service administration, physical therapy assistant and microbiology specialist.

Lights, Camera, Action!
Youth at Lights, Camera, Action! track at Clover College

Lights, Camera, Action! is quite popular at Clover College. This program gives the participants hands-on experience with video production and editing. A huge thank you goes to Randy LaBauve for making this program so rewarding and interesting for the youth.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Renewable Resources 101
Participates in this Clover College had the chance to be one with nature with hands-on experiences that made this program more interesting. This Clover College program gave the youth the chance to explore the worlds of forestry and wildlife. Those who participated in the program gained knowledge that they would use to help others in their community. Thank you to the School of Renewable Natural Resources for being so helpful and for all of the hard work they did for this Clover College program.
Beyond Maps and Apps: In Demand GIS/GPS Skills
Beyond Maps image 1
Beyond Maps and Apps: In Demand GIS/GPS Skills was new to the Clover College program, and it went well for the participants because they all enjoyed the different aspects of this Clover College. This Clover College gave the youth a chance learn about the skills of using GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems), which could lead to new career options.
Aquaculture in Action
Aquaculture image 1
Aquaculture Clover College was new to 4-H U, but it made a big splash. The Aquaculture Clover College program was a chance for the youth to learn about the aquaculture by taking a tour of a research station and receiving hands-on experiences with aspects of aquaculture.
You're Hired! 4-H Apprentice
Youre Hired Clover College
The 4-H Mall made youth the most successful entrepreneurs south of the Mason-Dixon Line. They taught youth about their own business strengths, how to capitalize on them and how to develop their own entrepreneurial venture from product development to product launch.
Trending Topics
Trending Topics Clover College
This presentation introduced students to strategies and techniques for using information appropriately and harnessing social media as powerful self-development tools.
Life is a Gumbo
Jefferson Parish 4-H agents Alexis Navarro and Karen Walker, along with Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA) partners Alice Glenn and Wendy Waren, described and presented several Louisiana commodities (beef, seafood, rice, fruit, vegetables and dairy), including the nutritional value of these commodities, the economic impact of these commodities to the state and historical stories that have significance to these commodities.
Project Runway
Fashion Clover College
During their experiences, participants developed a concept from sketching to design to making an article of clothing. They gained hands-on learning experiences about textiles and clothing design.
Law School Confidential: The Scoop on Getting a Law Degree
Law Clover College
So you want to go to law school. What does it take to get there? Once there, what does it take to stay? And then what – what career opportunities are available? In this Clover College session, youth explored various law-related career paths and participated in fun activities to learn more about the realities of being a law school student.
Journey of Self-Discovery: Realizing Your Personality, Passion and Purpose
Self Discovery Clover College
By identifying individual strengths, determining motivational factors and discovering one’s greater mission, youth began to explore and define their purpose in a meaningful and authentic way.
I've Got the Music in Me!
Music Clover College
Have you got what it takes to make it in a show choir/band/production? Youth participated in mini auditions and got hands-on coaching as they learned choreography, vocals and production skills for a show opener!