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Clover College
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You're Hired! 4-H Apprentice
Youre Hired Clover College

The 4-H Mall made youth the most successful entrepreneurs south of the Mason-Dixon Line. They taught youth about their own business strengths, how to capitalize on them and how to develop their own entrepreneurial venture from product development to product launch.

Trending Topics
Trending Topics Clover College

This presentation introduced students to strategies and techniques for using information appropriately and harnessing social media as powerful self-development tools.

Life is a Gumbo
Gumbo Clover College

Jefferson Parish 4-H agents Alexis Navarro and Karen Walker, along with Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA) partners Alice Glenn and Wendy Waren, described and presented several Louisiana commodities (beef, seafood, rice, fruit, vegetables and dairy), including the nutritional value of these commodities, the economic impact of these commodities to the state and historical stories that have significance to these commodities.

Project Runway
Fashion Clover College

During their experiences, participants developed a concept from sketching to design to making an article of clothing. They gained hands-on learning experiences about textiles and clothing design.

Law School Confidential: The Scoop on Getting a Law Degree
Law Clover College
So you want to go to law school. What does it take to get there? Once there, what does it take to stay? And then what – what career opportunities are available? In this Clover College session, youth explored various law-related career paths and participated in fun activities to learn more about the realities of being a law school student.
Journey of Self-Discovery: Realizing Your Personality, Passion and Purpose
Self Discovery Clover College
By identifying individual strengths, determining motivational factors and discovering one’s greater mission, youth began to explore and define their purpose in a meaningful and authentic way.
I've Got the Music in Me!
Music Clover College
Have you got what it takes to make it in a show choir/band/production? Youth participated in mini auditions and got hands-on coaching as they learned choreography, vocals and production skills for a show opener!
Forensics: The First 48 Hours
Forensics Clover College
Back by popular demand, this Clover College workshop offered a 231Forensics Frenzy. The first 48 hours of an investigation are key in determining the answers to the Who? What? When? Where? How? Time is very critical, and so is the information that was provided in this session.
Make Your Health Rock! Clover College
The 4-H’ers in Make Your Health Rock! homed in on their healthy critical-thinking skills and decision-making skills in this Clover College session. They learned about stress management and goal setting to help them resist risky behaviors.
LYFE: Living Your Financial Experience Clover College
LYFE simulation
The 4-H’ers in the LYFE: Living Your Financial Experience Clover College learned the value of money management through a computer-based, simulated, hands-on financial activity that included designing a financial plan, managing income and credit, saving to achieve financial goals and protecting assets.
Forestry 101 Clover College
Do you know what a forester does? If you do not know, then you can probably ask a 4-H’er who participated in the Forestry 101 Clover College. 4-H’ers gained hands-on experience with using ropes and zip lines for maneuvering up and around trees. In addition, 4-H’ers learned about tree health and learned to identify tree species.
Robotics: Our Challenge -- Your Solution! Clover College
The 4-H’ers who participated in the 4-H U Robotics Clover College encountered challenges similar to those faced by scientists and engineers. With the help of the LSU Robotics Department, 4-H’ers worked in teams to build SumoBots. Then, they put them to the test in a SumoBot competition.
World of Sports Clover College
Every year during 4-H University, some students choose not to compete but rather to attend educational sessions called Clover College. This year there were nine Clover College sessions. Students who wanted to learn about the behind-the-scenes working of LSU athletics participated in "The World of Sports" Clover College.