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The 4-H Camp Experience

Louisiana 4-H Youth Resident Summer Camp is more than just fun and games. 4-H Camp strives to develop a variety of life skills related to Head, Heart, Hands and Health. One of the most important skills children learn from camp is self-sufficiency. That is, they learn how to survive four whole days on their own.

Camper Stats
  • 100% learned to do their share when working with others.
  • 98% met new people they would like to stay in touch with and want to go back to camp next year.
  • 93% learned to complete jobs they were responsible for and the importance of being on time.

Parent Stats

  • 100% felt the benefit that camp had on their children outweighed the cost and were glad they sent their children to camp.
  • 93% reported that their children were more willing to try new things after camp.
  • 90% felt their children gained confidence from camp.
  • 91% believed camp helped them respect others

Stats are based on a 2006 survey of campers and their parents.

Kids and Parents Said:

"I learned I can take care of myself and do my part in helping."

"My child learned she can survive a week without mom!!"

"Because of 4-H Camp, I know I can do a lot more than I used to because I believe in myself."

"My child learned that, before camp, 4-H was simply a club; now there is meaning."

"I wish the real world was like 4-H Camp where everybody treated you as a friend and never left you out."

"My child opened up to me more, and she acted more mature than when she left."

"Because of 4-H Camp, I know I can believe in myself and make the right choices."

"I can do anything I set my mind to."

"4-H Camp would be better if it lasted more than just a week."

"My child learned that all people are equal and need to have a chance like everyone else."

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