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Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association

Who are we?

We are a volunteer organization for adults who work directly and indirectly with 4-H youth, or those who would like to become involved with the 4-H program in the State of Louisiana.

What are we?

An organization for parents, leaders and volunteers recognized by the LSU AgCenter and the Cooperative Extension Service as a partner for the purpose of enhancing the 4-H program in the State of Louisiana.

When did we begin?

The Louisiana Volunteer Leaders Association (LA4-HVLA) was announced formally in February 2003 by Chancellor Bill Richardson and Dr. Paul Coreil.

Why were we formed?

We were formed to provide for education, training, recognition and support of volunteers in the 4-H program.

Our Mission

The Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association will provide its members with opportunities to become better-informed and educated volunteers. The Association will represent the interest of volunteer leaders, parents and
4-H'ers from culturally diverse backgrounds and various levels of commitment in the 4-H program.

Members will be provided additional opportunities to participate in community, parish, regional and state activities. Quality educational programs will also be provided by the LA4-HVLA for its membership.


Membership in the Association is open to every 4-H program volunteer in the State of Louisiana. The LA4-HVLA is committed to the support of the 4-H youth in Louisiana.

LSU AgCenter Contact
Veronica Del Bianco
4-H Volunteer and Leadership Development

225-578-2978 - phone
225-578-7847 - fax

More membership information is available on the "about us" page.

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