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School and Key Leader Guide
Volunteer Tammie Moore

A handbook for 4-H leaders and volunteers.

The “10 Minute Education Series: 4-H Name & Emblem” is now available!
10 Minute Education Series: 4-H Name and Emblem is a self-directed course designed for 4-H and Extension Youth Development Staff. Participants will where the guidelines for 4-H Name and Emblem come from, what the guidelines are, and how local offices can use these guidelines. Ten minute topics include:

4-H Leaders Handbook for Growth
4H Leader Handbook for Growth

This handbook has been developed to help organizational leaders carry out their responsibilities.

You can give a Method Demonstration!
You can give a Method Demonstration!

Helpful hints on how to give a Method Demonstration.

Ideas for your 4-H Club Meetings
Ideas for your 4-H Club Meetings
This handbook is designed for use by the 4-H Club member who is responsible for planning and conducting special activities and events for the club meeting. It may also be useful for 4-H leaders who work with 4-H'ers. This handbook does not contain complete programs. Its main purpose is to provide the club member with a variety of ideas for the meeting.
Suggestions for Better Meetings
Suggestions for Better Meetings
In planning meetings a definite purpose should be kept in mind. Meetings are successful when they are planned for a specific reason or reasons. The time and thought given to advance preparation will pay dividends in the form of better club programs and increased participation by members.
What do 4-H Leaders Do?
What Do 4-H Leaders Do?
What is expected of me as a leader? To be successful in any job, people must know what is expected of them. Based upon those expectations, people then need the information and training to enable them to complete the job successfully. This resource guide will explain your role and give suggestions for accomplishing the job, conducting an officer election, working with officers and how to get parents involved.
Making 4-H Meetings Exciting!
Making 4-H Meetings Exciting
It can be a challenge for 4-H leaders to plan exciting, involving meetings. Active club programs help create interest and provide inspiration and stimulation for members to learn through new experiences. There are many ways to incorporate active, fun learning into the 4-H Club experience. This publication provides a 4-H Club planning worksheet as a helpful resource for your club.
Letters to New 4-H Volunteer Leaders
4-H volunteer clipart
So you've volunteered, been appointed or have been chosen as the new 4-H leader! Congratulations! You're starting an interesting, challenging and rewarding experience. Here is how to get started and manage these responsibilities.