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LCES PS-23 Volunteer Policy
Youth and adult volunteers play a critical role to support expanding the outreach capabilities in all LCES programming areas, including 4-H, Agriculture and Natural Resources and Family and Consumer Sciences. To help facilitate a better understanding of working with LCES volunteers, a Volunteer Policy (LCES PS-23) has been developed with input from agents, specialists and our human resource management office to provide guidance as well as direction in working with and managing volunteers.
Volunteer Tammie Moore
School and Key Leader Guide
Resources for 4-H Club leaders to get involved in the state 4-H service-learning project.
Volunteer Conference of Southern States
The 4-H Volunteer Conference of Southern States is designed to engage 4-H volunteers and staff across the Southern region in contemporary educational opportunities that will impact, enhance and foster quality, excellence and achievement in the essential elements of youth development programming
Preparing Volunteers to Respond to a Disaster
Whenever a disaster strikes, volunteers are often the first to respond. Because the needs vary with each disaster, volunteers must be flexible in responding to a disaster. This document helps prepare volunteers to work with disaster victims as well as meet the needs that arise as a result of the disaster.
Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Service Awards Sponsored by the Volunteer Leader Association
Description of the six volunteer awards and one 4-H agent award sponsored by the VLA.
Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association
The Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association is an organization for parents, leaders, and volunteers recognized by the LSU AgCenter and the Cooperative Extension Service as a partner for the purpose of enhancing the 4-H Program in the State of Louisiana.
4-H Brochure Cover
Leader and Club Resources
You can make your monthly meeting an inspiration to your members by incorporating exciting activities to help 4-H'ers gain a sense of belonging. This article provides information and resource links for club leaders on planning club meetings, making meetings exciting, planning a 4-H program, giving demonstrations and leader guides.
Understanding and Working with Teens
This guide discusses the common physical, mental, social and emotional characteristics for high school youth. Keep in mind that no two children develop according to the same schedule and the transitions are gradual. By accepting youth at their current developmental stage and offering challenging growth opportunities to help them make the transition into the next stage.
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Letters to New 4-H Volunteer Leaders
So you've volunteered, been appointed or have been chosen as the new 4-H leader! Congratulations! You're starting an interesting, challenging and rewarding experience. Here is how to get started and manage these responsibilities.
How to Help Military and Veteran Families
How to Help Military and Veteran Families
How to Help Military and Veteran Families is a series of publications that offer valuable information to various audiences to help them assist and support members of the military, veterans and their families. Each issue provides evidence-based guidance on how a particular group can help, with short, practical suggestions and links that point to additional resources. Each issue has been carefully reviewed both by subject-matter experts and military family-support organizations.
The “10 Minute Education Series: 4-H Name & Emblem” is now available!
10 Minute Education Series: 4-H Name and Emblem is a self-directed course designed for 4-H and Extension Youth Development Staff. Participants will where the guidelines for 4-H Name and Emblem come from, what the guidelines are, and how local offices can use these guidelines. Ten minute topics include:
4H Leader Hanbook for Growth
4-H Leaders Handbook for Growth
This handbook has been developed to help organizational leaders carry out their responsibilities.
Suggestions for Better Meetings
Suggestions for Better Meetings
In planning meetings a definite purpose should be kept in mind. Meetings are successful when they are planned for a specific reason or reasons. The time and thought given to advance preparation will pay dividends in the form of better club programs and increased participation by members.
Continuing Education Service Logs
Use the attached record sheets to record trainings, workshops and additional continuing education service hours.
4-H Volunteer Roles and Opportunities
List of 4-H Volunteer Roles and Opportunities
Planning Volunteer Efforts
When disaster strikes, people everywhere want to help those individuals in need. To ensure that this compassion and generosity are put to good use, it’s important to know what stages victims go through disaster recovery.
Your 4-H Meeting the Best it Can Be
Your 4-H Meeting the Best it Can Be
Successful 4-H meetings do not happen by chance. Great meeting require careful planning, club officers who know and use good meeting procedures, and respectful and responsible club members who are attentive, who are prepared to be involved, to express their ideas and give feedback to the club officers and committee chairs. By following a well-planned agenda that officers have discussed in advance, a lot of meeting business can be accomplished in a short time.
VLA Vision
The vision of Volunteer Leaders Association
Membership Form
Membership Registration
Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association (VLA) membership form.
Volunteer Leader Role Descriptions
Volunteer Leader Job Descriptions
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