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After A Disaster: A Lesson Plan in T3
Lesson Plan

Educators sometimes feel unprepared when new students arrive as a result of disaster they experience, and current students sometimes have difficulty feeling empathy for the new transfer students. This lesson plan can be used with groups of youth in junior high and high school who need guidance in dealing with a change in their social environment, i.e., their school, following a disaster or even after positive changes in their life situation.

Cyberbullying Prevention Materials
The Character Education Partnership along with Cyber Smart are providing tools and materials for educators to begin teaching about cyberbullying to youth.

Clover Checking
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This lesson will help educators teach the basics of checking accounts.

4-H Curriculum Resources for Teachers
List of curricula available to educators through their local extension office.

Students at the Center Educational Resource Available in Print, on CD and Online
A new educational resource from the Department of Defense Education Activity’s (DoDEA) Educational Partnership is available now in print and on a CD through Military OneSource at www.militaryonesource.com. The guide, which provides information on important policies, procedures and best practices that are critical to supporting the needs of military families' education, is also available online at www.militaryk12partners.dodea.edu.
Awesome After-School and Day Camp Kits
The 4-H Awesome After School Kits offer flexibility in programming for 4-H agents and volunteers by providing the curriculum, lesson plans and a shopping guide to build four kits that center on a particular 4-H project category, allowing students to explore project areas and 4-H activities related to that topic.
Do I Have What It Takes To Be Your Babysitter?
Babysitting Curriculum
The 4-H/Army Child and Youth Services Teen Babysitter Curriculum "I have what it takes to be your Teen Babysitter" is comprised of a Facilitator Guide, A Student Guide with supplementing CD Rom, a set of Student Worksheets and an Information Card designed for qualified 4-H and military Child & Youth program staff to train teens, aged 13-18 in Babysitting Skills.
4-H Military Partnerships
4-H Military Partnerships Curriculum Website
Great resources available online!!! One of the benefits of the 4-H Military Partnerships is the joint development of high-quality curriculum materials in a wide variety of program areas. These are valuable resources for youth programs and professional development for 4-H and military staff.
3-2-1 Action! Videography Handbook
3-2-1 Action! Handbook
The overall objective of this workshop is to give participants an overall understanding of videography by learning the skills and techniques necessary to create great movies.
LEAP into the 21st century
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A series of lessons designed to provide teaching activities that are fun as well as educational.
I'm Alone and Okay
I'm Alone and Okay is a set of lesson plans designed to teach K-5th graders decision-making skills necessary when staying home alone.
Essential Elements of 4-H Youth Development
“What positive outcomes in youth, adults, and communities result from the presence of critical elements in a 4-H experience?” A group of evaluators reviewed the basic and applied research on characteristics of effective programs for youth development. From this process, eight essential elements were identified focusing on belonging, mastery, generosity and independence.
Service-learning: Learning Through Good Deeds
Service-learning is a teaching strategy sweeping the nation that links community service to formal and informal education.