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Teacher/Educator Resources

The Louisiana 4-H Youth Development Program has a multitude of educational materials designed to aid educators, 4-H club leaders, youth and volunteers reach youth and truly enrich their lives. Visit or call your local 4-H Youth Development professional to find out how to get involved and receive information on how to enroll in the 4-H School Enrichment Programs.

Browse the site for information on the high quality school enrichment programs offered and available curriculum. Browse the links below or use the navigation menus on the left side of the page to learn more.

Character Development
This program includes resources for character education.
Curriculum and resources for educators.
Provides a statewide network for training and supporting educators, after-school personnel and parents in providing a safe and nurturing environment for youth.
School Enrichment
Information on high quality school enrichment programs that are designed to aid educators in enhancing the student’s educational.
Club Leader Resources
Additional resources for club leaders are available in the volunteer website.
Volunteer Leaders Association (VLA)
Statewide association of volunteer leaders. Membership is open to any Louisiana 4-H volunteer.
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