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Positive Active Resources Encouragement Needed Together = Success!

4-H is a family affair! An important part of the family affair is you, the parent. As parents get involved with their children in 4-H, this interaction provides ways for the family to connect by learning new skills, sharing hands on growth opportunities, and serving the community together. By being involved in 4-H, parents can ensure the best growth experience for their child or children.

While it might be difficult to fit 4-H into your busy schedule, parental involvement in 4-H is fun and rewarding. 4-H offers families a wide range of experiences and benefits.

● 4-H helps families grow closer together by encouraging family-oriented learning experiences which can lead to positive parent-child relationships. Since parents are the most important influence in youth development, parent cooperation and participation in the 4-H program are given high priority.

● 4-H provides youth and their parents with numerous projects and activities that are designed to help them learn and grow together. Imagine the fun in developing interests and hobbies as a family!

● Active parent participation can strengthen and broaden the 4-H program in any local club or parish.

● When parental support is positive, 4-H groups are likely to become stronger, larger, and more active.

In groups where parental support is present, 4-H members receive more personal attention and guidance from leaders and parents.

To make the 4-H experience the best that it can be - your help is needed. Parents and family members of 4-Hers play an important role by sharing time and talents with your children and other youth involved in the 4-H program. Your interest and support of 4-H programming will help the 4-H member develop new skills, discover how to work with others, explore new experiences, serve the community and have tremendous growth opportunities that help youth develop into capable, caring citizens. The LSU AgCenter is here to help you along in this journey as a 4-H parent by providing you with the background on the benefits of parental involvement, how to get involved and most importantly how to support your child in a positive experience.


Parents as Partners
As you and your child join the 4-H program, you’ll want to make the most of the experience. The success of your 4-H club and the kind of experience your child has depends greatly upon your parental involvement. 4-H has so much to offer your child through educational programs, contests and special events. Through active participation in 4-H, your child will develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Essential Elements of 4-H Youth Development
“What positive outcomes in youth, adults, and communities result from the presence of critical elements in a 4-H experience?” A group of evaluators reviewed the basic and applied research on characteristics of effective programs for youth development. From this process, eight essential elements were identified focusing on belonging, mastery, generosity and independence.

Adult and Parent Involvement
Why is parental involvement important? The Louisiana 4-H Executive Board formed a committee to encourage parent involvement. They believe it is extremely important for the success of the program. Here are what some of the 4-H members have to say about this issue:

Preparing Young Children for School
Parents can help their children experience school success by fostering social and emotional maturity, language skills, creative thinking skills, good health, problem-solving abilities and a general knowledge of the world.

Teen Lingo
“You got some bones to get some kicks.” “Backup your grill, you got the dragon.” “Boo, let’s go flossin.” Do these phrases seem like a foreign language? If you answered yes to this question, get the lowdown on teen lingo.