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Visit the teacher website for curriculum, information on school enrichment programs, afterschool programs and character education.


4-H is a family affair. Visit the parent website for information on parents as partners and articles on dealing with common parenting issues.


Visit the volunteer website for resources for club leaders, information on the volunteer leader association (VLA), Souther Region Volunteer Forum (SRVF), master volunteer program (MVP), volunteer training courses and volunteer opportunities.



Volunteer Training System
This website is designed to give volunteers education and training from the comfort of their own home or office. Through this site, volunteers will be offered online educational modules. These can be taken for your own educational benefit or for advancement in the Master Volunteer Program (MVP).
Louisiana 4-H Master Volunteer Portfolio
Louisiana 4-H Master Volunteer Portfolio
The Louisiana 4-H Master Volunteer Achievement in Continuing Education (ACE) program is designed to assist volunteers in the development of specialized skills as 4-H volunteers by participating in quality training experiences, processing learning experiences, conducting service activities/projects, and developing a Master Volunteer ACE portfolio.
The “10 Minute Education Series: 4-H Name & Emblem” is now available!
10 Minute Education Series: 4-H Name and Emblem is a self-directed course designed for 4-H and Extension Youth Development Staff. Participants will where the guidelines for 4-H Name and Emblem come from, what the guidelines are, and how local offices can use these guidelines. Ten minute topics include:
Character Development Program
A brief description of the character development program.
Words of the Week
Louisiana 4-H recommends schools and youth organizations across Louisiana teach the same character trait each month and integrate decision making into lessons and daily activities.
After A Disaster: A Lesson Plan in T3
Lesson Plan
Educators sometimes feel unprepared when new students arrive as a result of disaster they experience, and current students sometimes have difficulty feeling empathy for the new transfer students. This lesson plan can be used with groups of youth in junior high and high school who need guidance in dealing with a change in their social environment, i.e., their school, following a disaster or even after positive changes in their life situation.
Planning Volunteer Efforts
When disaster strikes, people everywhere want to help those individuals in need. To ensure that this compassion and generosity are put to good use, it’s important to know what stages victims go through disaster recovery.
4-H Curriculum Resources for Teachers
List of curricula available to educators through their local extension office.
Cyberbullying Prevention Materials
The Character Education Partnership along with Cyber Smart are providing tools and materials for educators to begin teaching about cyberbullying to youth.
Clover Checking
4-H in the USA logo
This lesson will help educators teach the basics of checking accounts.