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Visit the teacher website for curriculum, information on school enrichment programs, afterschool programs and character education.


4-H is a family affair. Visit the parent website for information on parents as partners and articles on dealing with common parenting issues.


Visit the volunteer website for resources for club leaders, information on the volunteer leader association (VLA), Souther Region Volunteer Forum (SRVF), master volunteer program (MVP), volunteer training courses and volunteer opportunities.



Character Development Program
A brief description of the character development program.
Volunteer Conference of Southern States
The 4-H Volunteer Conference of Southern States is designed to engage 4-H volunteers and staff across the southern region, in contemporary educational opportunities, that will impact, enhance and foster quality, excellence and achievement in the essential elements of youth development programming.
Membership Registration
Membership Form
Louisiana 4-H Volunteer Leaders Association (VLA) membership form.
Planning Volunteer Efforts
When disaster strikes, people everywhere want to help those individuals in need. To ensure that this compassion and generosity are put to good use, it’s important to know what stages victims go through disaster recovery.
Clover Checking
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This lesson will help educators teach the basic of checking accounts.
Cyberbullying Prevention Materials
The Character Education Partnership along with Cyber Smart are providing tools and materials for educators to begin teaching about cyberbullying to youth.
4-H Curriculum Resources for Teachers
List of curricula available to educators through their local extension office.
Louisiana 4-H License Plate
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The Office of Motor Vehicles has released the new 4-H license plate. Purchase your plate today and support the 4-H Youth Development Program.
4-H Volunteer Roles and Opportunities
List of 4-H Volunteer Roles and Opportunities
4-H School Enrichment Programs
4-H School Enrichment Programs available through the Louisiana 4-H Youth Development department.