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Youth Energy Program
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The 4-H Youth Energy Program (YEP) is a statewide school enrichment program designed to educate youth on the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The program focuses on ninth grade students but includes all of high school and middle school youth in experiential learning activities and projects that will work to encourage and challenge youth. The program curriculum is endorsed by the Louisiana Science Teacher’s Association and lessons are designed to follow all of Louisiana’s Grade Level Expectations (GLE’s).

As part of the program, energy-related curriculum guides and hands-on activity kits have been developed and will be housed in each parish 4-H extension office throughout the state. Each kit includes equipment for conducting class experiments that cover many topics including:

  • General energy lessons
  • Solar energy
  • Wind energy
  • Hydropower
  • Fossil fuels
  • Biomass

Additional program goals include:

  • Encourage educators to implement a one-week energy-efficiency and conservation instruction unit into their yearly curriculum
  • Encourage youth to gain an appreciation and understanding of careers that are available in energy-related fields in Louisiana.

More than 700 teachers have been trained across the state to use this program and can actively check out its components for use in the classroom. More than 50 parishes participated in the trainings across the state and this program will reach just over 40 thousand students.

For more information on the Youth Energy Program, please call the Louisiana 4-H state office at (225) 578-2196.

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