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4-H Textiles and Apparel Program Overview

4-H U Fashion Revue
2009 4-H Fashion Board Officers
4-H Project Runway

The fashion industry is a billion dollar industry. Teen consumers are a force to be reckoned with as they spend more than $100 billion every year. Because of this impact, market researchers spend a lot of time and money examining teen spending habits. Oftentimes, teens do not have the skills they need to make wise consumer decisions. The 4-H Textiles and Apparel Program helps teens to develop these skills and make smarter choices that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Fashion is woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Innovative uses of textiles have resulted in life-saving inventions like bulletproof vests. Exercise apparel can now monitor your vital signs, including heartbeat. Fashion is even out of this world with carbon fibers that protect astronauts as they reenter the atmosphere. Advances in textile science help to make our lives easier every day. Textile science knowledge creates better consumers and fashion designers. While teens learn to recognize better quality and make better selections in ready-to-wear garments, they also learn to make better choices when selecting fabrics to sew their creative designs.

Fashion is fun! Having the ability to design and create your own apparel is a unique way to express your personality. Through a “Project Runway”-style competition, teens in 4-H use their technical and creative skills to invent innovative designs. Whether recycling clothes from the local thrift store or creating designs using items from the local hardware store, these “out-of-the-box” garments come together for a fun and exciting fashion show.

The 4-H Textiles and Apparel Program builds confidence in teens by giving them opportunities to be leaders as part of the 4-H State Fashion Board. Teens from across Louisiana are given the chance to learn more about the fashion industry through field study trips, fashion camp and creating their own fashion shows. Teens will graduate high school with an awareness of careers in the fashion industry as well as skills that will help them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

In addition to the State 4-H Fashion Leadership Board, join us for our state-level annual events which include the June LSU 4-H University Fashion Revue Competition and Fashion Show as well as the January Camp Grant Walker 4-H Fashion Camp. These opportunities are available across Louisiana. To find out what’s going on in your parish, contact your local LSU AgCenter Cooperative Extension   4-H Agent. For more information contact Tanya Giroir, 4-H Textiles and Apparel Program coordinator.

Explore National 4-H recommended curriculum projects online at:

  • Look for the "Sewing Expressions" Series
    Sewing Project Activity Guides:
    • Level 1: Under Construction, beginner
    • Level 2: Fashion Forward, intermediate
    • Level 3: Refine Design, advanced
  • Helper’s Guide, for sewing group activities grades 3-12 developed to provide ideas and group activities to expand the project book experience.
  • Let’s Sew! A beginner’s sewing guide by Nancy Zieman, producer and host of TV’s Sewing with Nancy.
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