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Junior Master Gardener
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Junior Master Gardener Program

JMG Mission:

To grow good kids by igniting a passion for learning, success and service through a unique gardening education.

All JMG Curricula Include:

  • Independent and group learning experiences.
  • Life skill and career exploration.
  • Service-learning opportunities for youth.
  • Correlation to state teaching standards.
  • Find out more at:

  • Register Your Group:

    Once your have obtained your JMG curriculum, register your group or school. As a registered group you will receive a certificate of recognition and a group website on the National JMG Web page. You will also receive the monthly JMG e-newsletter. There is no cost to becoming a registered JMG group and no obligation to complete the entire program.

    Your registration simply allows the national and state JMG offices to serve you better. To find out more about group registration and to download the registration packet, visit the site below:



    Students use what they have learned to be of service to others. Examples of service projects initiated by JMG groups include:

    • Growing produce for donation to food banks
    • Community beautification projects
    • Class businesses generating funds for local charities

    Student Recognition:

    Youths completing requirements in a given chapter or for the overall program earn certification awarded by National JMG Program Office and JMG state program partners.

    National Network:

    Twenty-eight universities nationally implement the program at the state level. Texas A&M University serves as the headquarters for the National JMG Program Office:


    Program Partnerships:

    • Texas Cooperative Extension, The Texas A&M University System
    • AmeriCorps
    • National Wildlife Federation
    • Learn & Serve America
    • Schools to Careers
    • Master Gardener Associations
    • Children's Better Health Institute

    Teacher Training:

    Throughout the nation, thousands are trained each year by national, state and local JMG staff and volunteers.

    JMG Contact Information:

    The JMG program is operated by the national JMG office in collaboration with state partners. Sales and distribution are handled through the TCE Bookstore (888-900-2577).

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